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The ultimate autumn capsule wardrobe

The ultimate autumn capsule wardrobe

We’re apprehensive to admit it, but we’re getting a little excited for autumn, and most importantly, autumn clothes – as is our stylist Toby Standing. And, you’ve probably caught on by now that capsule wardrobes are something we’re all about here at Thread. They make everyday dressing easier and help you build a more cost-effective, sustainable wardrobe.

This time around, Toby has put together the ultimate capsule wardrobe for the season ahead. Expect pieces like bold knitwear, heavier tees, and the ultimate layering options that can be mixed and matched with ease, for an autumnal rotation you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. 

The knitwear

Autumn is the knitwear season – the time of year where you might not need to layer up quite as much as you do in the depth of winter, but you still need to introduce a little warmth into your outfits. 

Toby suggests choosing styles that can become the talking point of your look, while still holding on to those versatile tones for the most part – something like a charcoal grey crew neck or a navy rollneck prove themselves season after season as failsafe. But, if you already have these pieces hanging in your wardrobe, a more interesting style of jumper like a quarter zip or anything in a bold colour can sit nicely in the spot that your favourite graphic tee might have taken up during summer.


The layering options

We’re talking gilets, overshirts, cardigans, and lightweight raincoats here. Much to Toby’s dismay, it’s not quite the time of year for your full-on winter coat, but you’ll soon start to need a certain something to keep the elements at bay. Think practicality meets versatility here with a hefty amount of style cred in there too – a padded down gilet is what we’re opting for.


The 3 pairs of shoes

Something for every occasion is your goal here. Toby suggests keeping the winter boots at the back of your closet – don’t worry, they’ll get plenty of wear in a couple of months' time. For now, focus on some shoes that are relatively smart, but can still confidently be worn casually too. 

Toby’s top choice is a loafer, but a chunkier pair of Derbies fit the bill too. You’ll always want a pair of good everyday trainers and also some footwear that sits in that in between space – a Clarks Wallabee springs to mind here; think of something you can wear to the office, but then for drinks afterwards too.


The 3 pairs of trousers

After a shorts exclusive summer, it can seem jarring to start thinking about trousers and jeans again. But fret not, because you really don’t need that many pairs for a complete autumn wardrobe. Toby recommends getting a pair of unwashed darker jeans (the unwashed element makes them easier to dress up if you need), a more laid-back pair of denim, some neutral coloured cotton trousers like some chinos, and you’re all set with enough variety of colour and texture to put together any outfit for a variety of occasions.


Some autumnal tees

This doesn’t translate to t-shirts made of wool, but what it does mean is some heavier-weight cotton tees in some muted autumnal tones that you can wear underneath your overshirt or raincoat as the temperatures continue to dip. Don’t be afraid to experiment with some patterns here too, especially if you feel like they resonate with you style wise, a good striped tee for example can bring some great contrast and interest to a look.


Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing