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The dos and don’ts of wearing bags

The dos and don’ts of wearing bags

We’re big advocates for bags here at Thread. After all, you now need to carry a few more essentials with you day to day i.e. hand sanitizer and a mask, so it’s probably time to let go of shoving everything into your pockets and embrace this practical accessory. Plus, when it gets to wintertime, you’re more than likely going to need an umbrella and a jacket, so if you don’t want all these things falling out of your arms, in our stylist Toby’s words “get a bag, man.” 

The good news is there’s just so much variety when it comes to bags, so you’re bound to find one that just feels like an extension of your personal style while also providing the added benefit of practicality. Keep scrolling to find three of our favourites and learn some handy dos and don’ts. 

The crossbody

If your bag needs don’t include carrying a laptop or anything similar, get yourself a crossbody. These are a great entry level bag and perfect for those really essential pieces we mentioned earlier: phone, wallet, face mask, hand sanitizer, and really not much else.

Don’t overstuff 

The beauty of these bags is they’re supposed to feel really easy and lightweight. If you pack more than our very handy list we mentioned earlier, this bag is just going to look a little awkward and lose its simplicity. Think of them as a more secure pocket rather than a throw-everything-in bag – then you’ll be on the right track. 

Do go for neutral 

You want this bag to go with lots of different outfits in your wardrobe, considering it's supposed to be more of an everyday thing. Keep the detail minimal with some subtle branding, but anything with tassels, bells, whistles is going to defeat the whole practical element real quick. 

The rucksack

If practicality is your thing, a rucksack is the way to go. You pack everything you need, shove it on your back, and forget it exists – great if you’d describe your life as fast-paced (aka you’ve got a dog or child). 

Don’t go too oversized 

If you don’t need a huge backpack, don’t get one. As long as it fits your essentials in, that’s the size to go for. Anything too oversized is going to look a little out of place day to day and also will encourage you to pack it full with things you don’t need. 

Do keep with your style

Too often do we see men on the commute accessorising their suit with a Berghaus rucksack. While these are great for camping, hiking, etc., they’re not so much suited to your formal attire. Instead, opt for something like a leather or sleek rubberized option so your bag choice feels considered.

The messenger bag

If the crossbody felt a little on the smaller side for you, a messenger bag might be more up your street. They’re great if a rucksack doesn’t really encompass your style but you need to bring your laptop to work, plus they also feel that bit more elevated, in our opinion.

Don’t pack what it doesn’t fit 

Although it’s bigger than a crossbody, that doesn’t mean you can get carried away with what to pack. Really, it’s designed to fit your laptop, a couple other essentials, and that’s about it. In other words, a laptop? Yes. Lunch, four chargers, jumper, jacket, and gym kit? Not so much. 

Do experiment with styles 

It’s easy here to go for a plain and practical option – which is great, if that’s your thing. However, there’s so many different options out there that you’re bound to find one that feels a bit more exciting. Think leather satchel styles, nylon tech, etc. 

The tote bag

The best thing about tote bags is they’re both versatile and so easy to get your hands on – you can literally pick them up from anywhere. 

Do get a style that suits the occasion

When it comes to the tote bag, you’re going to need to think about what you’re using it for and then this will determine the specific style you go for. Weekend away? Something bigger. Day-to-day errands? Something smaller. You get the idea. But as a rule of thumb, always try and find one with a two strap option for versatility – an adjustable strap is even better. 


Well, there are no don’ts really. You can never go wrong with a tote. 

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing