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The 3 most versatile trends for summer

The 3 most versatile trends for summer

We love a trend – as long as it's versatile. And luckily, our stylists have a sixth sense when it comes to predicting which ones will be around for the long haul. During the summer months especially, your clothes should feel easy, weather appropriate, adaptable, and something you’ll know you’ll be excited to wear next year too. Enter Toby Standing who’s broken down his top three versatile trends for summer that will come in handy for seasons to come. 

Summer knitwear 

Seems like a bad idea, right? Wrong. Well, unless you’re throwing a heavy rollneck jumper on with your shorts and sandals, then yes it’s a bad idea. But, knitwear can have a leading role in your wardrobe, if you pick the right kind. 

“Fabrication is key,” Toby says. Often, all knitwear is lumped into the same category, in with the heavy wools and the cashmeres. Lightweight knits, however – ones made from cotton (blends count too), linen, and even merino wools –are optimal choices for the warmer months. With that in mind, make sure to check the product descriptions when shopping. 

This year, textural knitwear and graphical knits are where it’s at. “It’s certainly a trend I’ve bought into over the winter, so bringing it into summer was a no-brainer.” Bold patterns like block stripes and brighter colours (we’re vote green) are what to look out for if you want to make an impact, but if your style leans more subtle, simply sticking to the classics in a different fabrication works too. Think knitted polos and lighter cardigans which both layer seamlessly under light jackets and are perfect for those smarter summer looks. 


Monochrome prints

“I often think that summer shirts can lean too far into the overly-patterned, way too colour-clashed realm,” Toby says. Remember, summer dressing isn’t about a battle of who can be the boldest, you can actually get as much impact from a patterned shirt that’s more restrained with its colour palette. 

Monochrome defined is anything in a single colour or hue – not just black and white. And it’s a great approach to one of every summer’s staple trends: the patterned short-sleeved shirt. By letting the pattern and shifting tones of one colour be the star of your look, keeping the rest of your outfit neutral, you’ll come off more considered, “instead of arriving like Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat,” in the words of Toby. 



Photographed: Bass Weejuns Larson 90s Loafer (£139)

Like anything in men’s dressing, the pendulum of footwear swings between formal and casual on almost a spooky 10-year cycle. In 2010, the advent of the #menswear movement on blogs and Instagram pages was flooded with brogues and tailoring, then came sneaker domination with queues around the block wanting to cop the latest collab. Thankfully, in 2022, it seems we’re reaching a point of equilibrium – enter the humble loafer. 

“I think loafers are a definitive summer shoe,” Toby says. And, he’s right; they're comfortable, easy-to-wear, practically made for the day-to-night conundrum, and this season they’re really having their moment in the sun (no pun intended). 

If you’re looking for a pair to dip your toes into after years of cushioned sneakers ruling your footwear game, look to brands like G.H. Bass, “they’ve been nailing the style for years and have every iteration you could ask for,” Toby says. Plus, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find some at an affordable price, certaining more affordable than the latest big brand x small brand x artist shoes reselling for six times their retail price. 


Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Gabriel Stokes
Styling: Toby Standing