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Style SOS: Which grooming products should I travel with?

Style SOS: Which grooming products should I travel with?

"I travel quite a bit, and I'm trying my best to maintain my skincare routine when I do while also keeping my packing light. Any tips on the key products I should travel with?" -Kai, via Facebook 

Keeping up with your skincare routine should always be a priority, especially if you’re travelling lots. Planes, trains, and just the pure exhausting nature of going to and from place to place can have quite the toll on your skin, but we understand that you don’t want to have a whole separate suitcase just for your grooming products. 

You’ll probably find a lot of your favourite products come in travel-size options, but we’re here to break down the actual products that make your away-from-home life easier – minus the mini toothpaste. 

No Dice Sunscreen SPF50, Triumph and Disaster

No matter where you’re going or what time of year it is, sunscreen is always an essential and labelled by many dermatologists as the most important step in your skincare routine. Not convinced? How does saving you from years of visible sun damage sound? We thought so. Luckily this one comes in a handy little 100ml bottle so it's perfect for the combination of flights and small luggage allowances. 

Lip Balm SPF 30, Salt & stone

Most travel (of course, unless you’re travelling in your own car) still requires wearing a facemask, so your lips are likely to suffer a bit. After your stint of being responsible, a good balm is a great way to help your lips recover. Plus, this product is so light you’ll barely even notice you’ve packed it. 

Ginger Flight Therapy, Aesop

Photographed: Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy, 10ml (£23)

It’s rare if travelling is a stress-free experience, especially if you’re heading somewhere long haul. This essential oil blend by Aesop is formulated with turbulent flights and hectic mornings in mind. You just roll it directly on your pulse points (neck, temples, wrist, behind the ears) and it should help significantly with stress and nausea. It might not seem like an essential, but it's only tiny and if a moment comes when you need it, you’ll be glad you’ve got it on hand. 

Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol

Great to use after a long while of wearing a face mask, or once you get out of a stuffy car or train, an immediate hit of fragrance and cooling mist helps refresh the skin, prevent build up of sweat, and quickly give you a dose of moisture. 

Rock & Roll Face Scrub, Triumph and Disaster

Sometimes all you need after a long day of travelling is a good scrub. So, unsurprisingly, we’d recommend a face scrub. This one in particular is full of volcanic ash, plus green and Kaolin clay which gently slough away dead skin while drawing out any impurities. Plus its 100% natural ‘smoke and wood’ fragrance lingers even after you’ve washed it away, which is always nice. 

Suede Rinse-Free Hand Wash, Byredo

Hand washing, as we all know, is more important than ever – and a rinse-free option like this one is great if you’re not close to a sink. This is also a great option if you’re guilty of resting your face in your hands or just touching your face a lot, keeping your hands clean is going to help keep your skin (and ultimately clear) too.

Purifying Face Mask, Horace

Photographed: Horace Purifying Face Mask, 75ml (£12)

Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you need to ditch those TLC elements of your grooming routine. In fact, this is probably when they’re needed more than ever. To give your regime a kick in the right direction, doing a face mask is a great way for the ultimate to reset. It’s particularly helpful after really long days or whenever you find yourself with a godly spare ten minutes. 

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Illustration: Ryan Gillett
Styling: Toby Standing