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Style SOS: How do I dress in between seasons?

Style SOS: How do I dress in between seasons?

"I find this time of year really difficult to dress for. It's too warm for my big parka but too cold for just a sweatshirt and jeans. What are some pieces that will help me get through this tricky transitional period?" Tommy via Facebook

We feel your pain. Those interim weeks between seasons are notoriously tricky to navigate, wardrobe-wise. Whilst the oncoming of spring is the green light to begin introducing lighter materials and brighter colours, the problematic part lies in knowing what to wear on those transitional days, so you don’t end up either sweltering hot or shivering cold. Luckily, striking the right balance involves a few simple considerations.

“Up your layering game,” says Thread stylist Artemis Crowley. “Aside from being super practical, wearing lots of layers is also a skillful style move. When you build up on your outfit by implementing a midlayer between a t-shirt and your outerwear, for example, you grant yourself the opportunity to remove pieces and add them according to the temperature. It’s so simple and gives you lots of options when you’re out and about.”

Next, sideline your puffa jacket and reach for something lighter; there are plenty to choose from to suit your taste. “I’d recommend a denim jacket, Harrington, bomber, utility, trench or mac,” Artemis says. “They’re all really versatile in terms of dress code. As well as suiting a casual jeans-and-tee combo, they’ll dress up well with a shirt, chinos or formal trousers and smart leather lace-ups.” Go for lighter shades, so that even when you’re dressing for practicality and a bit of extra padding, you’re also nodding to the new season. 

Under your chosen light jacket, we'd also recomment incorporating a midlayer. This can be anything from a relaxed hoodie or a checked overshirt, or something more polished like a lightweight knit (merino wool is best for breathability) or a cardigan. “Underneath your midlayer, wear a long or short-sleeved tee or a light roll neck for added insulation and smartness,” Artemis advises. 

And finally, if the weather is still cooler, opt for a pair of corduroy or wool trousers. “A pair of jeans can also do the job, but wool is less likely to get soaked through during unexpected downpours,” she adds. 

Come rain, shine, or something (frustratingly) in-between, this type of smart layering will see you through this seasonal no man’s land, so you can turn your attention to more important things – like welcoming back the sunshine with a nice new pair of shades

Words: Ashiana Pradhan
Illustration: Ryan Gillett