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Style SOS: Can I wear red and green together this Christmas?

Style SOS: Can I wear red and green together this Christmas?

"I have a couple green and red pieces that I'd like to wear together this season, but I'm nervous I'll end up looking like a walking Christmas tree. Is it possible to wear them together without looking silly?" - Jack, via email 

The ‘red and green should never be seen’ dilemma is one that many of us have faced around the Christmas period. The two festive shades are perfect for the season, so we can see why you’d want to rock your favourite pieces in rich, wintry colours. We're non-believers in the old adage that red and green should ‘never be seen without a colour in between'. Get it right, and you could be onto a winning combination.

When pairing red and green, first, consider the shades of each garment. If they’re tonally different, the two can work well together without looking overly festive. However, if you pair a fire-engine-red sweater with pine green trousers, the overall feel of your outfit will be saturated and tilt too far on the side of  Christmassy. Instead try teal and burgundy, or even a bright red with olive green or khaki, which might hint subtly at a festive theme without overdoing it.

Texture matters, too. Two flat items like cotton trousers and a jersey sweater won’t complement each other in the way a chunky knit and cords, or even a flannel shirt with chinos, might. The way light hits the fabrics will bring depth to your outfit for a warm and cosy feel that’s not too on the nose. 

But the most important consideration is how comfortable you feel. If you’ve paired your red and green items a few ways and are still feeling the Christmas tree vibe, try them with more neutral shades. You might find the contrast brings just the right amount of festive feeling – and we could all use more of that.

Words: Ella White
Illustration: Ryan Gillett