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Six things you can do to boost your style confidence

Six things you can do to boost your style confidence

Here at Thread, finding you clothes we think you’ll love is just one of the things that gets us up in the morning. The other thing? Helping you feel confident when you wear them. It’s true, unlike your next favourite jeans, confidence isn’t something that can be bought. But we believe it’s something that can be nurtured, and we have a whole team of stylists dedicated to doing just that. Cue Toby Standing.

We asked Toby to give us his top tip for feeling more style confident. Ever the expert (and ever generous), Toby gave us six. So read on to discover his advice, and prepare to walk a few inches taller afterwards.

1. Find your silhouette

Just because David Gandy gives off Peaky Blinders vibes in a baker boy hat, it doesn’t mean we all will. (God knows, we’ve tried.) The key is to know the shapes that suit your style and body type – and, of course, to get the right size.

“Everyone is different,” Toby says, “so don’t feel you need to jump on what’s ‘hot’ right now. I have more muscular legs from running, so whatever the current trends are saying, I know I won’t be reaching for skinny jeans. I always feel more confident when I’m wearing a fit I know suits me.”

2. Invest in pieces you love

Shopping consciously is something we’re passionate about, so we’re not suggesting you buy every shirt that catches your eye. But, as Toby reminds us, if you still can’t stop thinking about that got-to-have-it piece three weeks later, you should probably buy it.

“It’s worth the money if it’s going to give you that feeling you’re looking for. I’ve been most confident when I’ve been wearing something that's precious to me, which is also why I love shopping vintage. There really is nothing cooler than wearing something with a history; something no one else has.”

3. Don’t be afraid to repeat your outfits

If your takeaway order hasn’t changed in 15 years, we get it. Because when you find something that works for you, it’s only natural to want to enjoy it again and again. And the same goes for your outfits. 

“I’m against the idea that you can’t be seen twice in the same outfit,” Toby says. “If you feel good in it, that’s what matters and that is what people will notice. Find an outfit that gives you confidence, and wear it, wear it, wear it.”

4. Find the colours that work for you 

Don’t know your cerulean from your cobalt, or your stone from your sand? No problem. Help is at hand so you can discover the most flattering shades for you.

“I’m all for experimenting with colour, but it’s good to have a foundational palette you know works for your skin tone and hair colour,” Toby advises. “Try taking inspiration from other people’s style that you admire. Or drop us a note asking us to help you work it out – that’s what we’re here for.”

5. When in doubt, avoid trends

Paul Newman, James Dean, George Clooney. There’s a reason the same old names come up again and again in the all-time best-dressed lists: their style is rooted in the classics. When it comes to building a confident look, we say look at the people you think are cool in history rather than what’s trending on Instagram.

“Find the looks that have stood the test of time,” Toby advises, “Like a white t-shirt, selvedge denim, and white Chuck Taylors. They were cool in the ‘50s, they’re cool now, and you know they’ll still be cool in 50 years’ time.”

6. Wear your clothes – like really wear them

We say, it’s not just leather that looks better with wear. The same goes for the rest of your wardrobe. Because even though the first rip in your jeans can be heartbreaking, it also frees you up to have some real fun in them.

“For me, being confident in my clothes means embracing the fact they’re just fabric. You’ll have a better time if you can properly wear them, and the imperfections will just add to their charm. So don’t keep your trainers pristine. Embrace rips and creases. Wear your clothes, man.”


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Words: Victoria Ferguson
Illustration: Darren Shaddick
Styling: Toby Standing