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Our stylists discuss sweatpants

Our stylists discuss sweatpants

Whether you love them or try to reserve them for lazy days, your sweatpants have probably been getting more wear-time than usual. To most of us, they’re an easy option when comfort is a priority, but for Thread’s stylists, there’s so much more to this loungewear favourite. In conversation over Slack, they shared their thoughts on sweatpants, trackpants, and which styles are best for working from home in.


Toby: Morning @Luke

Luke: Morning @Toby

Toby: How's week 200 of isolation treating you?

Luke: The beard is past the itchy phase, and I’m working out a lot more. I feel like I’m going to leave the house in three months like one of those guys that get ripped in jail. I’m also working through my Nintendo Switch catalogue, which is not like jail I imagine

Toby: Yeah, I've been relying on my daily run to keep me in good spirits – can't do the cool quarantine beard sadly.

What are some of your go-to work-from-home staples? I just got into a new pair of sweatpants.

Luke: I was already getting into looser, more relaxed outfits, so I’ve got a lot of loose-fitting army and worker’s trousers, but I’ve also got a pair of sweats. They are a bit more tailored and slim fitting, so not as cozy as they could be.

Pretty similar to these.

Toby: Yeah, I can't do slim sweatpants anymore – they gotta have that relaxed, semi-retro vibe to them for me nowadays.

I feel like these are a pretty solid option for you. Or something that's kind of midway between casual trousers and sweatpants, like these.

Toby: I'm of the opinion that your sweatpants shouldn't be just for indoors, so get something that you'd wear day-to-day too.

Luke: Yeah, I feel like that about just about everything. I hate the idea of having clothing just for doing sports or just for lounging around – it just feels wasteful. Why not have something that looks great and has practical purpose?

I saw this guy on instagram the other day, and I thought it was a great example of how to style sweats for wearing out.

Toby: Yeah, that's great, man – exactly the kind of fit I'm on about.

Luke: The looseness of the fit, the way he’s pulled them up to show the socks, and the utilitarian olive jacket is just such a vibe.

Toby: Kind of mixed influence too, little bit 50s, little bit 90s.

Luke: Exactly, gives it a nice timeless feel.

How about colours? I generally stick with navy or grey for sweats – I like anything a bit uniform-y.

Toby: I'm usually the same but I'm actually loving some of the more washed out colours at the moment.

These are pretty great. I feel like that retro feel increases if you get a washed out colour, feels like a vintage pair almost.

Photographed: Carhartt WIP Marshall Jogger (£59)

Luke: Yeah, it’s the whole Kanye West YEEZY thing as well, isn’t it? The muddy purples, browns, and greens. It’s a trend that just seems to go on and on.

Toby: I think done in the right way it can be really great. Done badly it can end up looking a bit Mad Max. 

I really dig the branding here – that's something I'm picky about. These also rock.

Luke: I think what I’m for is basically the fit of the Russell sweats I had in the late 90s (I’m old). That really loose, relaxed feel. These are pretty close.

Photographed: Wood Wood Sigurd Logo Sweat Pant (£79)

Toby: Ooh, they're great.

Luke: When we were talking about this the other day, James from our operations department, who basically wears track pants every day, was arguing that they are the superior WFH trouser. What do you think? 

Toby: I think he's probably right – but I also think sometimes they can feel a bit slobby if you don't have a couple of pairs to rotate through. I also think for me, I need that separation between work outfit and home outfit. I usually change into sweats or something when I get home from the office, so I'm trying to keep that up at the moment.

But I agree that track over sweats is superior. Thinking of getting these.

Photographed: Adidas Firebird Track Pant (£59)

Luke: Interesting, I’ve literally never owned a pair of track pants. I guess I never liked the “Swish” noise and how synthetics feel against the skin. On the other hand, they’re obviously way easier to clean (sweats love a stain).

Those are great, they remind me of the kids from The Royal Tenenbaums or like the Beastie Boys in the 80's.

Toby: You'll definitely be able to find some that don't do that – my Our Legacy ones feel more silky that synthy.






We should get matching ones for video calls.

Toby: These are always top of the list for me – they've nailed the fit.

Photographed: Needles Side Line Track Pant (£235)

Luke: Yeah, I feel like my association with trackies is the snap ones from the 90's that the Spice Girls wore, which again, is because I’m old.

Luke: I could wear these. The needles track pants are incredible. 

Nike ACG is reliable for one of the stylists favourite genres of relaxed trouser: the climbing pant

Toby: A niche that we have all adopted, which brings me to these gems.

Luke: Yeah, so great. I also love these

I guess this brings us to the final sweats questions: sweatsuits/tracksuits are they coming back? Do you have one? Do you want one?

Toby: I really want one – I think they're back in a big way. Just look at stuff like the Jonah Hill Adidas campaign.

I think I'm more into the tracksuit as opposed to a hoodie and sweats.

Luke: So good. It really suits him. 

Toby: there's something that feels a bit more 'outfit' about the jacket and track pants. He's such an icon.

Luke: I think the classic Adidas tracksuit is kind of a look that could work for everyone. It’s a bit hip-hop, a bit 70's rich guy, but also like Berlin minimal techno guy.

Toby: The perfect Venn diagram

Luke: Colours-wise, I think you got to buy black, red, or like light blue.

Toby: I mean, for me it's black or nothing.

Luke: And it looks nice split up into pieces. The trousers are great on their own. The jacket is nice with jeans.

Toby: One final one from me, and I think I know the answer, but should I get these from my guy Rick Owens?

Luke: I’m sorry, I respect him as a designer but everything Rick Owens makes, just makes people look like big babies.

Is there anything we missed? Any final thoughts?

Toby: I think we touched all the bases.

Words: Thread stylists