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Our 6 style resolutions for 2022

Our 6 style resolutions for 2022

With a new year, comes new resolutions. And while we’re sure you’ve already got hitting the gym and waking up earlier written on your list, we wanted to give you some inspiration on some all-important style resolutions that will also make you feel energised this year. And what better way to do so than by sharing with you the ones our very own stylists are implementing themselves – from buying less but better to discovering brands that align with their values. The best part is they’re easy to achieve, so you won’t find yourself giving up on them come February. 

The one in, one out method 

For every item you want to add to your wardrobe, commit yourself to getting rid of something you already own. Of course, don’t just throw it away – sell it, donate it, or just send it to us in your return package and we’ll sort it out for you (you’ll receive instructions anytime you place an order with us). With this mindset, you’re inevitably less likely to go on a major shopping spree, plus your wardrobe should stay nice and organised. 

Shop your own wardrobe 

The new year is the ultimate time to sift through your existing wardrobe and fall in love with some pieces you already have all over again. While it might not sound as fun as having a scroll on your favourite shopping app, actually, we’re sure you’ll be surprised at the gems you have lurking at the back of your wardrobe. Then, you can focus on purchasing one staple piece to lift up and bring life to those pieces you’ve owned for years. 

Only buy good socks

No, seriously. It’s been quite the talk of the office how good socks can transform your outfit, plus they truly feel so much better. Once you’ve found some good, slightly nicer sock brands, we can guarantee you’ll find it hard to go back. Only good socks in 2022. 

Look inwards to project outward

A really great style resolution to have this year (which, actually can apply to many parts of your life) is ditching the idea of dressing to please others. Abandon trends, opt for more intentional purchases that feel really you, and remember the only eyes to impress are your own. You’ll soon find dressing becomes a lot more fun. 

Make an effort to shop sustainably 

This year, wearing brands that match up to where you are in terms of principles, ethics, and values is always a good idea. And making an effort to shop sustainably doesn’t only need to be focused on limiting purchases to those pieces you really need, but also to specifically filter through brands, check online for their reports and credentials, and shop from those with ethical and sustainable business practices. 

Find a good tailor

Remember, items are made to stock sizes, so they’re never bound to fit perfectly. Sometimes all it takes is a slight hem on a sleeve or trouser length or a nip in at the waist that can truly transform an item and make it just right for you. 

Words: Yasmine Kennedy, Toby Standing
Illustration: Ryan Gillett