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Our guide to grooming in a rush

Our guide to grooming in a rush

Grooming is a part of life that many guys dread, and after four months without salons, it’s likely that you’ve braved a DIY haircut or two at home. For some, home grooming has become a habit that’s here to stay, with many of us dedicating more time than ever before to a grooming routine.

But now that lockdown is starting to ease, it’s not as easy to dedicate time to a full-blown routine. So we asked Steven O’Neill, CEO of The Grooming Clinic, to share some of the easiest tips for grooming in a rush.

Most of us are guilty of not investing enough time and effort into our skincare regime,” Steven says. “But many of us also commit the cardinal sin of picking and squeezing. This can be incredibly damaging for the skin. If you have an issue with blackheads and breakouts, stop wasting time inspecting them and turn to your products for help, not your fingernails.”

However, there are still some grooming steps that should never be rushed. “Don’t skip your cleansing,” Steven says. “There’s no point spending hard-earned cash on skincare products if you’re not going to do the ‘groundwork' and prepare your skin before application. Clean your skin thoroughly before applying your serums and moisturisers, and where possible try to clean your face morning and night.”

When you’re strapped for time, Steven suggests using two-in-one products to trim down your stint in the bathroom. But when it comes to knowing which products to use, it’s important to do your research. “Products, and in particular their ingredients, are evolving faster than ever. If you can spare some time to do your research instead of buying the first thing you find on the shelf in Boots, it will pay dividends,” Steven says.

If you’re prone to ditching your routine completely when you’re short on time, follow Steven’s three quick and easy steps.

1. Cleanse

“Quite possibly the most important step in any skincare regime. If you have time, cleanse both morning and night. Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser has featured in my arsenal for around 10 years. It’s suitable for every skin type, and of all of the products I’ve tried, in my eyes, it stands un-challenged with no successor.”

2. Treat 

“This is your opportunity to address any concerns that you have, be it dilated pores, breakouts, or dry skin. To target these issues, you’ll usually turn to a serum for help. They’re power-packed little saviours which sink into the skin and deliver results quickly.”

3. Hydrate 

“This starts at the tap. Drinking enough water is absolutely essential to good skin health. Topical hydration in the form of a good quality, not necessarily expensive, moisturiser will protect your skin from loss of hydration. Where possible, choose a moisturiser with built-in SPF, no matter the time of year. Two of my regular go-to options are Anthony Day Cream SPF30 and Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard SPF45.”

Words: Ella White
Illustration: Darren Shaddick