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Our favourite overcoats at every budget

Our favourite overcoats at every budget

It’s officially got to the time of year when your alarm goes off and you're greeted with an increasingly dark sky. In other words, it’s coat season. Or, if you’re feeling particularly stylish, overcoat season. It’s nothing intimidating – an overcoat is essentially a longer-length coat with long-sleeves that feels that little more formal than a North Face puffer alternative in the colder months. 

They’re known to be one of the most hardworking pieces in any men’s wardrobe year after year, so it's important to get one that’s right for you, and of course, right for your budget. Luckily for you, coat shopping is something that gets our stylists through even the greyest of days, and Toby Standing has put together a thorough guide to all sorts of overcoats at all sorts of price points. Now, go get your James Bond on. 

The steal

When looking for an overcoat that feels like a steal, what you’re really looking for is one that does the job properly but doesn’t break the bank. We’ve got you. Although this coat probably isn’t going to be with you for years and years, it still will see you through a good couple of winter seasons. Wool blend coats are what Toby recommends, and luckily, they’re super easy to find around this time of year and usually come in at a really good price point too. 

The moderate

The moderate coat is where you can be a bit more discerning with your purchase. You’ve likely decided to make the jump from just buying a coat because you need one to buying one because you want one, and you want a nice one at that. Plus, one that’s going to last you at least a few years. The trick here is to go for something versatile and classic, so that you won’t find yourself not wanting to wear it a couple of years in, “then you’ll really get that cost per wear stat down to a good number.” 

The investment

If you’re nice and set in your personal style, know what you like, and how you want to look, then it’s probably time to start investing in some longer-lasting core items for your wardrobe. And an overcoat, at least in our eyes, is one of the best places to start. By choosing a higher quality coat, you’ll end up with something not only long-lasting but way more effective too. 

The splurge

During the colder months, your outerwear quickly becomes one of the only places you can really present your personal style – so, you may as well make it the star of the show. In Toby’s words, “live a little and get an overcoat that is not only functional but has some real design and style clout behind it.” Now that’s a fun way to splurge if we ever saw it.

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Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Styling: Toby Standing