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The 'New Year, New You' style guide

The 'New Year, New You' style guide

It’s easy to grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down lofty resolutions that promise a life upheaval. What’s tough is sticking to them all. If you’re reading this, chances are one of your New Year's resolutions is to start dressing better. And while we can’t help with your vow to hit the gym regularly, we most certainly can help you nail your 2020 wardrobe. Read on for our ever-so-simple guide that will make it easier to keep at least one of your resolutions. Bring on a more stylish decade!

Invest in better shoes

The best place to start a year of good dressing is from the ground up. It has been said that the first thing someone will notice about how you dress is your shoes, so it’s worth getting your footwear up to scratch. “Invest a little more in your selection of footwear, and you’ll be rewarded with durability and quality,” Alice says. “Start with a sturdy pair of lace-up leather shoes with a chunky sole and lots of grip.” The leather part makes the shoes feel smart, while the more casual sole allows for versatile wear. What makes the pair even more versatile is going for brown instead of black, as black can be somewhat restrictive to more formal occasions. “I recommend going for a pair of Grensons or even Oliver Sweeney. When you buy a pair from those brands, you also buy the brand’s backing and can get the soles replaced or the shoes repaired at any time,” Alice says. 

Step out of your comfort zone

A new decade is the perfect time to leave your comfort zone behind and try new things. The easiest way to start? By incorporating colour. If you’re prone to wearing black, navy, or beige 24/7, introduce a few bolder shades into your wardrobe. “For example, if you generally wear blue, go for red instead and vice versa,” Alice says. “And, if you like wearing patterns, take them a step further by introducing them into your outerwear.” A colourful or patterned jacket (or even both) can be thrown over most casual outfits and will instantly boost your everyday looks. It’s the perfect way of debuting a new you in 2020.

Buy less, but buy better

“This new year, shop sustainably and make the things you buy count,” Alice advises. “Invest in staple pieces that you’ll wear throughout the year, like a good pair of jeans, a nice button-down shirt, and a solid pair of shoes.” By buying clothes more thoughtfully, you prevent cluttering your wardrobe and also build up a collection of pieces that you can turn to time and time again. Quality means that your items won’t fray or break quickly, and you can rely on them to keep you warm, dry, and, of course, stylish.

“Beyond your staple pieces like Levi or Edwin jeans and Grenson boots, I’d also recommend investing in a utility jacket and a selection of sustainable, organic jumpers in different colours,” Alice says.” For example, utility jackets are excellent for transitional seasons, plus they’re so versatile and everyone looks good in one. “Then, finish off your new 2020 wardrobe with a few knits from Colorful Standard – they have so many different colours and the material feels lovely,” Alice says. And unlike your resolution to hit the gym, you only have to walk as far as your wardrobe to keep this one all year.

Words: Ashiana Pradhan
Photography: Angus Williams
Styling: Alice Watt