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Is it worth buying an expensive watch?

Is it worth buying an expensive watch?

Unlike a sturdy pair of boots, or a warm winter coat, it can be a little harder to see the justification of the sometimes five-figure cost of a ‘nice watch’ – unless, of course, the person reading this is Brad Pitt. Now we all have a different starting point: some of us received our first Rolex on our 21st, some of us have been wearing the same Casio since uni, and some of us are for the Apple watch and the Apple watch only. But if you happen to be in the market for a new timepiece, it’s probably a good idea to have all the need to knows on whether it’s worth a big price tag.

In short, we’ll say it is worth investing in a nice watch – kind of. Spending more on a watch usually and should come with some improved functionality. Even if it’s not a smart watch, you’d expect anything on the more expensive side to perhaps be waterproof, made with more premium materials so it will last long (no more fraying leather), and reflective of your personal style. 

But for us, an investment into this type of thing remains in the three-figure mark. Brands like Timex stand out for canvas strapped, simple, and durable watches. Or, if your style leans more classic, uber sleek, Simon Carter might feel more like you. Alternatively, another avenue we’d recommend exploring is the secondhand market – watches have a huge amount of history, and it’s easy to get lost in the rabbit warren of various designs from various years and manufacturers, but the long and short of it is that you can find some amazing quality watches, that still haven’t run out the clock.

Photographed: 1. Braun BN0031 Watch (£105), 2. Braun BN0032 Watch (£119)

Then, when it comes to the big players of the watch world, we’re talking the ones that cost the same as a small (sometimes big) house deposit, our stance will forever be to do your research – way more than just reading this article. Not all watches increase in value over time and this is dependent on their history, rarity, and brand, which you’ll have to do some serious looking into pre-purchase. And if that’s not really your thing, stick to something nice but low-key, like we mentioned earlier. After all, all they do is tell the time.

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Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Styling: Toby Standing