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How to wear your spring staples in fresh ways

How to wear your spring staples in fresh ways

We all have those spring items hanging in our wardrobe that are reliable and timeless, but are less than inspiring. Spring cleaning can lead to big clearouts that include many of these pieces, especially now when many of us have more time at home than we’re used to. But before you get into the grips of Marie Kondo-ing your wardrobe, take pause and reconsider some of your old favourites before resigning them to the donation pile. 

Not only is giving them another chance a more sustainable approach to seasonal dressing, but it’s also likely that some of your old favourites are easily reimagined – they were favourites for a reason, after all. Thread stylist Luke McDonald explains how to make your staples feel fresh again, simply by wearing them in new ways.

“A denim jacket is ideal for spring because it hits the sweet spot you need for a good outer layer that’s not too heavy,” Luke says. “It’s versatile, it never goes out of style, and a light wash feels especially spring-like.” Adding a denim jacket to your outfit makes a simple t-shirt feel more complete, and comes with the added benefit of being light enough to layer over an overshirt or even a hoodie on colder days.

“An easy way to bring new life to your favourite white shirt is to try it out as an overshirt,” Luke says. Typically overshirts are thicker or have an interesting pattern like checks. But as the weather gets warmer, open up your button down and use it as a mid layer to bring some interest to your outfit. 

“Not only does a white shirt break up colours with a striking lighter layer, it brings texture and draws the eye away from darker pieces, making your whole look feel more seasonal,” Luke says.

A striped t-shirt is a year-round classic, but to make yours feel more spring-specific, move away from the navy breton into more colourful earth tones. “It can have a cool 70s feel,” Luke says. “You can also allude to a 90s skater look if that’s more your style, but either way, coloured stripes bring a little more interest to your look now that we’re into t-shirt and jeans weather.”

Before you ditch your old chinos, consider how you can wear them in new ways. “Chinos are perfect for spring because they’re lightweight, and the on-trend neutral tone goes with almost anything, turning your old trousers into a contemporary style statement,” Luke says. The versatility of chinos means you can wear them smart or more dressed down, so if you’re used to wearing yours for more formal occasions, dust them off and introduce them to your new spring wardrobe.

No matter what style you’re going for this spring, you can’t go wrong with your favourite pair of white trainers. They’re an easy-to-wear staple that makes any look feel a little smarter. For a more modern take, practical, sportswear-inspired running shoes are a style-forward option for casual outfits as you put away your weather-proof winter boots, and welcome white back into your wardrobe.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Luke McDonald
Styling assistant: Toby Standing