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How to wear your gym kit outside of the gym

How to wear your gym kit outside of the gym

The days of making mad dashes from the gym to your wardrobe are over. Your gym kit is officially something you want to be caught wearing, so you can finally retire the head-down sprint you perfected post-workout and take the leisurely way home. The reason for this shift? A culture that’s dialed down formal dressing everywhere from the pub to the office, and the slew of designers who’ve put time into making your athletic essentials performance-ready and style-forward. 

While it’s probably second nature for you to throw together a look for the gym, wearing it off the treadmill requires a bit more consideration. Even if you’re wearing yours during other recreational activities, like a countryside walk or a community 5K, you’ll want to style them thoughtfully. Start by integrating pieces from quality performance brands, like Nike and adidas, who are known for nailing technical features – from moisture-wicking properties to wind-resistance. These items will be optimised for your activity and make the overall experience more comfortable. 

Another perk to wearing performance-wear in the wild is that it lets you try bold, fiery colours without looking ostentatious. Take advantage and pair strong colour combinations: blues and oranges or greens and yellows work well together, as long as you anchor your look with a couple of solid neutrals. Your trainers are also an opportunity to make a statement outside the gym. From bulbous shapes to neon colours, style-forward trainers will punctuate your look with the right amount of flair. They're also the difference between 'sports-inspired' and 'do-you-even-lift'.

But it’s not just your go-to athletic brands that are owning the performance-wear space. Labels you're more used to finding in suits and coats are getting in on the action, and they’re lending athletic pieces more mainstream style appeal in the process. So don’t overlook brands like BarbourRalph Lauren, and Acne when searching for the perfect winter-run windbreaker, or tapered joggers. You may be surprised to find athletic pieces on par with those designed by some of the most notable performance brands.

And just because you’re not on a running track, that doesn’t mean you have to default to your greys and blacks. Continue to embrace the endless colourful athletic pieces available, but in lieu of neons and metallic shades, stick to bright yellows and sky blues, and anchor them with neutrals. Your look will evoke a fun, easy feel in a way that’s appropriate for most casual settings and will earn you major style points, even if your weight-lifting game could still use some work.

Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Jamie Stoker
Styling: Millie Rich