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The colour sported by Saint Nick himself, red is undeniably festive. It’s also an easy way to look both stylish and festive without overdoing it. This season, we have put aside novelty Christmas knits in lieu of pieces that we can wear throughout the colder months, not just during the holidays. It's the environmentally friendly (not to mention cooler) way of dressing. Enter red – the festive colour with  evergreen appeal. To give you the confidence to wear this bolder hue, we’ve put together a few tips on how to stylishly weave it into your wardrobe without looking full-on Santa Claus.

Offset it with neutrals 

“The biggest tip to bear in mind when wearing red is to remember that it’s a colour that’s easy to clash with, so always make sure you’re pairing it with more neutral hues,” says Thread stylist Toby Standing. “Red goes best with black, charcoal, and navy.” This allows the bold nature of red to stand out in your outfit. So whether you’re wearing it as knitwear or just a scarf, ensure the rest of your outfit is neutrally toned. 

Select a subtle shade

The next thing to decide is whether you want to make red the focal point or not. If you’re slightly more hesitant to let it take centre stage, go for a more subtle shade on the red spectrum. “Style a burgundy shirt under a navy knit so that the collar shows,” Toby suggests. “Swapping crimson for burgundy is a great way to introduce a red shade into your outfit without going the whole hog.” 

Embrace red accessories

Another route is to accessorise with red. Accessories, like beanies, gloves, or socks, can instantly amp up an outfit – especially in a bright shade. We recommend going for a tartan scarf, as it’s a timeless classic. 

Go all in

If you’re keen to let the red shine, go for it with an eye-catching crimson knit or sweatshirt and balance with dark jeans. For something a little smarter, try wine red corduroy trousers or a velvet blazer in opulent oxblood. Santa’s favourite colour just got a lot more stylish, don’t you think? 

Words: Ashiana Pradhan