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How to wear work clothes out of the office

How to wear work clothes out of the office

Are dress codes still a thing, we hear you ask? We’d say they’re ever-evolving, but in our opinion, the best kind of wardrobes are the ones that are interchangeable. That means you can easily make the most of your work wardrobe on those off-duty days – and don’t end up feeling like you’re living a double life where your clothes are concerned. 

So, as work and out-of-work wardrobes continue to blur, we’re championing a wardrobe filled with pieces that successfully tread the line between being ‘work clothes’ and ‘weekend clothes’. And as always, we have some ideas as to how to make that work. 

Switch your blazer to a cotton one

The blazer is traditionally the piece that takes your outfit from informal to formal in a flash. And opting for a style in a cotton twill, which incorporates more casual elements like patch pockets, will make it super easy to dress down. For styling, just throw it over a casual shirt with a pair of jeans for a simple yet still elevated go-to that works throughout multiple seasons and occasions. 

Add loafers, always

Slip-on leather shoes are always a great style to have in your footwear rotation as they look just as at home with a formal suit as they do with jeans, shorts, or chinos. And especially as we ease into the warmer months, you’ll soon find these a great option to elevate your day-to-day get-up while still feeling relaxed, all while nodding to some serious Ivy League levels of style. 

Rethink the shirt and tie

Probably the most ‘work’ thing you can think of right? Now we know this isn’t a style for everyone, especially those who can think of nothing better than loosening their tie once they leave the office. But if you are partial to a tie, here’s how to make it work for your day off. Start by opting for a knitted iteration and then choose a more easy-going Oxford shirt – this way you’ll instantly feel less stuffy and corporate and be left with a look with a little more flair and personality.

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing