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How to wear the blazer year round

How to wear the blazer year round

Not many items have the staying power of the blazer – it’s possibly the most classic item when it comes to menswear. Worn for over 200 years (give or take, as there’s a number of competing origin stories), and adopted by almost every style tribe you can think of, this tailored wonder ‘ain’t going nowhere. With that in mind, we champion wearing one all year round. Because, really, where can’t you wear a blazer? 

The trick is choosing one that has all the right elements, allowing it to be transeasonal and appropriate for a multitude of occasions. Of course, we’ve enlisted the help of stylist Toby Standing, who’s given all of his best advice on how to purchase the right one. 

Focus on the fabric

Fabric is key when it comes to picking a piece that is truly transeasonal – there’s no point choosing a wool blazer when you're in the depths of summer, or equally a linen one when there’s snow on the ground. Something like a cotton twill is perfect – it’s got that mid-weight feeling to it that can be layered up, or worn solo as your outermost layer over a t-shirt without feeling too insulating. 

Go for a classic shape

Nothing ensures you’ll get the most wear possible out of your blazer than sticking to a more classic silhouette. This means avoiding anything too tailored or oversized, allowing your blazer to stand the test of time and beat the trends. Plus, it means it will work for a multitude of aesthetics that you might find yourself dipping in and out of over the year. 

Choose a colour for all seasons

Neutrals will never age, so Toby suggests this tried-and-tested palette when it comes to your blazer purchase. This way, your blazer can become the baseline of any outfit, in any season, and you can experiment with colour elsewhere, if the mood strikes. Our favourite shade is something like a navy blue, as it’s versatile and can be worn with endless combinations throughout the year. Go ahead and see for yourself.

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Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Styling: Toby Standing