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How to get the most out of shopping our sales

How to get the most out of shopping our sales

Ah, sale shopping. Perhaps one of the trickiest tasks to navigate when it comes to your wardrobe. And there’s always that one friend who manages to grab those sell-out trainers for 75% off in the last of his size. Want to be that friend? We thought so. 

Turns out there is somewhat of a formula that makes sale shopping a little less daunting, and who better to spell it out for you than our very own stylists? We spoke to a few of them all about their tips and tricks for finding the best pieces in the sale. Spoiler alert: they don’t include another version of the same white t-shirt you already own seven of, or a bright blue puffer jacket that goes with absolutely nothing in your wardrobe. Let’s get into it. 

  1. Rather than focusing on the quantity of what you’re buying and hauling more and more things from the places you shop from, look to the more expensive brands that are typically out of your price range, and pick quality pieces from there. This approach means you’re less likely to buy more than you need, and you get to access styles that should last a long time because – hopefully – they’ll be really well made. - Artemis 
  2. Never compromise on size just because something is cheap. Let’s be honest, you’re probably never going to wear it and you’ll end up wasting money rather than saving (which is what sale shopping is all about, right?). If the right size isn’t available, simply move on. - Artemis
  3. A great idea is to always add things to your liked list – sale season or not. That way you’ve already narrowed down the pieces you’re genuinely interested in, rather than quickly scrambling to find things that kind of seem your style, but of course, definitely aren’t. This is especially good for pieces that are slightly out of your budget which you can’t prioritise at the time, but would definitely invest in if it happened to be 50% off. - Millie
  4. I always look at the top seasonal products when it comes to sale purchases. For example, most of my coats and jackets have been bought in the sale, as I know I’ll find something I really love that will last me a long time. Top tip: always look in January sales for top notch winter stuff. - Millie 
  5. Throughout the year, make a list of all the items you think you need to complete your capsule wardrobe. You’ll probably find that when you’re getting dressed in the morning or for a night out, there’s consistently pieces you feel like you always need but never have – these are the items you need to be looking for in the sale. - Hannah
  6. Might seem a little backwards, but I wouldn’t recommend roaming just for the season you’re in. If there was a pair of shorts you were obsessed with all summer but couldn’t afford and now they’re discounted, there’s no harm in purchasing and holding onto them until the warmer days return. - Toby
  7. Make sure to consider your existing wardrobe. What can you wear it with? If you can’t come up with a handful of ways to wear it, maybe ask yourself if it's actually a worthwhile purchase or just an attractive price tag. - Toby
  8. It can be hard to discipline yourself when sale shopping, but the main thing I always ask myself is ‘would I buy this if it was full price?’. If your answer is no – unless it’s an investment piece you couldn’t afford if it wasn’t on sale – then it’s probably not worth purchasing. - Leanne
  9. Consider what occasions you have coming up. Anything like birthdays, christenings, weddings are good to keep in mind so you know what you’re looking for. That way you know you’ll be getting things you actually need for a fraction of the price. - Leanne

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Photographed: Vans UA SK8-HI 38 DX Trainers (£45)

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Words: Yasmine Kennedy