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How a camp collar shirt should fit

How a camp collar shirt should fit

Camp, cuban, revere, bowling – whatever you call it, this is the shirt every guy needs on their radar. Basically, it’s a short-sleeved, button front, flat collar shirt which has quickly found itself as a must-have for men’s summer wardrobes. Why? It’s less formal (and definitely more comfortable) than your average Oxford, but certainly more stylish than a standard t-shirt. In other words, it works for pretty much everything and our stylists can’t get enough. 

Okay, now that we’ve convinced you to buy one, let’s make sure you get the fit right. Keep scrolling… 

The collar

As the name suggests, the collar is pretty important here. It should form somewhat of a V-neck shape and lie flat like a lapel (almost as though it’s a blazer). Because of this, it’s one that definitely looks better worn open as opposed to doing up the top button, lending itself perfectly to the warm-weather months. With that in mind, opt for linen or seersucker fabric to keep you cool and add to that breezy, laid-back vibe. 

The hem

Unlike other shirts, the hem of a camp collar should be completely straight as it’s not designed to be tucked in. This means they work great as the outermost layer during the summer months over a t-shirt or, if you’re abroad, on its own. And in the cooler weather months, simply slip over a jacket and make the most of the added collar detail. 

Anything with a dipped or scallop hem quickly falls into the school shirt category, which won’t hit the mark. It might feel a little more boxy than what you’re used to, but that just adds to the retro feel it’s so loved for. 

The shoulder

Nothing too complex here, the shoulder should fit just as all your other shirts do. Nothing drop-shoulder – the simpler, the better. 

The sleeves

Nodding again to the classic style of this shirt, these sleeves are going to fit a little more relaxed. It’s not something that’s going to hug the shape of your arm, there should be a bit of a gap there. With this, the length of the sleeve might be a little longer than you’re used to, simply turn up the cuff to adjust. 

The colour

Now that you’ve got the fit right, let’s talk about the fun stuff, like the colour. Really, Toby advises to steer away from the classic whites and baby blues we gravitate towards with other shirts. They can just look a bit too corporate. Instead, use this as a great opportunity to experiment. Rust oranges, navys, and khakis are a great colour palette to ease yourself in with. Or, if you’re really feeling the summery vibes, we can confirm a Hawaiian print has got the green light from our stylists.

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing
Styling assistant: Helly Pringle