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Outdoor-ready styles have been creeping into wardrobes everywhere, and sometimes it's hard to differentiate an item that’s meant for a trek in the highlands from something designed for the streets of a metropolis. So what better trend to take on now, while we're looking for ways to invite the outdoors inside a little more than usual?

Whether you’re after new styles to wear on your daily walk, or comfy pieces that you can wear inside and out, these are the rugged styles we think you should invest in – and make the most out of – during lockdown.


1. A lightweight gilet

Why you should wear it at home 

If you’re looking for something that feels more put-together than a hoodie, less restrictive than a jacket, and still adds warmth to your at-home outfit, look no further than a lightweight gilet. It’s comfy, easy to move in, and will make you feel like you’ve made an effort by bringing a more refined element to your look.

Why you should wear it outside

Typically worn as a light outer-layer, a thin gilet can also be worn under your jacket when the weather is colder. In summer, look for one that isn’t padded with down, which benefits from the same easy-to-wear layering without feeling stuffy. 

A cord style, like this waistcoat by Selected Homme, brings a preppy feel to your outfit that you can carry into your back-to-work wardrobe. Or, if you want to really embrace the look, a workwear-inspired canvas fabric like Dickie's Lawrenceburg Vest nails the light, packable element that makes a gilet the perfect layer for exploring the great outdoors.


2. Climbing trousers

Why you should wear them at home

A firm favourite with Thread stylists, climbing trousers like Gramiccis are the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor style. They’re comfy and loose-fitting with an elasticated waistband that’s ideal for lounging, but still appear smart for when you’re heading back to work. 

As they’re made for sport, they won’t feel tight or restrictive when worn at your desk all day, and since they look more like chinos, you can easily pair them with a simple, crisp t-shirt and overshirt to elevate your work-from-home look.

Why you should wear them outside

Originally designed for climbing, there’s no question that these trousers were made for the outdoors. They’re durable, easy to move in, and go with almost anything, meaning you’ll look the part whether you’re rambling on country trails or pounding city pavements.


3. Technical trainers

Why you should wear them at home

Athletic wear has officially made its way into mainstream style, and hiking gear is up to pace. Brands like Karhu are combining both with their practical yet stylish trainers. If getting dressed up to work from home makes you feel more motivated, these are a great mid-point between indoor and outdoor wear that will make you feel like you’ve put in the effort. They’re cool and comfortable for wearing around the house, and the bright colourways bring a streetwear-inspired nod to your outdoors aesthetic. 

Why you should wear them outside

Karhu trainers might look like a fashion shoe, but they’re technically designed for performance, so you can keep them on when it’s time to head out for your daily exercise or your trip to the shops. Whether you’re heading to the park with friends, hitting the gym, or tackling a trail hike, these trainers will keep on giving post-lockdown.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Andras Hari
Styling: Alexander McCalla