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The grown-up way to wear streetwear

The grown-up way to wear streetwear

There comes a time in life when one has to level up. When things like pension schemes, step counting, plant watering, and matching cutlery all become a part of your vernacular. Yes, it’s happened without you even realising. You’re a grown up. You have to be taken seriously when giving a company-wide report on year-over-year growth. Does this mean *gulp* that you now have to throw out your beloved Stüssy hoodie and your snapback? We say no. 

We’re long-time lovers of streetwear at Thread. We have the utmost respect for its place in the fashion world, its Calfornian beginnings as comfortable garb for skateboarders and surfers, and its rise to ‘cool’ modern-day luxury. Despite its associations with youth culture, we don’t believe you have to be wrinkle-free to pull it off. Just as you’d trade in your pot noodle for making a stir fry from scratch, you can satiate your taste buds while also respecting your adulthood. By keeping in mind these tips that push streetwear in a mature direction, you can wear the more youthful pieces in your wardrobe without looking full-on Pharrell Williams.

Mix street with smart

Balance your streetwear pieces with smarter choices to make the look more ‘adult’. If you want to wear a graphic tee, layer it under an overcoat with a pair of smart trousers. If you love a good zip-up hoodie, throw one on over a denim shirt and under a smart peacoat. This balancing act may initially feel strange at first, but we promise – it really works. 

Refine your prints

Parading a splash of logos falls on the more juvenile side of streetwear. Only going for ephemeral brands because they’re deemed ‘cool’ is called being a ‘hypebeast’ and, at this age, you should know that being ‘cool’ is less important than being confident. Instead of falling into the traps of logomania, try an abstract print or an artistic design that catches your eye, exemplifying the cultivated and cultured adult you are. 

Elevate the quality

This reiterates the aforementioned levelling up concept. This doesn’t always mean going for the most expensive fabric, but investing in something versatile, wearable, and durable (respecting the street origins of streetwear, as it were). Enjoy the comfort and streetwear vibe of drawstring trousers, but choose a pair in a flannel fabric so they’re not mistaken for straight-up track pants. And, if expensive fabrics are your thing, cashmere in general is always a good idea.

Add finishing touches

A great pair of kicks, for example, can immediately transform a smart look into a streetwear-inspired one. Again, don’t go for a ‘hype’ trainer, but keep it classic. You can even opt for a bright colourway to jazz it up even further. For an even more subtle streetwear feel, try a pair of irreverent socks. Accessories, in general, can be a great way of incorporating a bit of youthful fun into your smart attire. A chilled-out baseball cap or a vibrant beanie will immediately loosen things up.  

Pick your actual size

… Or one you feel most comfortable in. As a proper grown up, wearing clothes too baggy or skin-tight is counterproductive. Go for a relaxed fit, or one that’s slightly loose. It’ll give you breathing space for when you get to make entirely adult decisions, like ordering whatever dessert you want.

Words: Ashiana Pradhan
Photography: Lola & Pani
Styling: Luke McDonald