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Four street style lessons for early spring

Four street style lessons for early spring

Right now the last thing many of you are probably worrying about is how stylish you look as you step outside to grab groceries or get a bit of exercise. We get it, it’s a strange time, and we fully support whatever cosy or practical outfit you throw on. We're also comfortable declaring that for the time being, sweatpants have officially become the new chinos. 

Typically, we’d post our monthly street style lessons with the hopes that you’d apply them to your look the next time you head into work or grab a pint with some mates at your local pub. But as that way of life is on pause for the foreseeable future, we simply hope these images – taken last month – inspire your looks at some point in the future, and for now, bring a little inspiration to your sofa (or bed – we aren’t here to judge where you’re reading this).

Lesson 1: Try going tonal

If you’re looking for an easy access point into tonal dressing, start with shades of brown. To avoid your look falling flat, make sure your shades are slightly different – think mocha brown next to a chocolate one. Another way to make your tonal look more interesting? Opt for pieces in varying textures. If you want to read more about how to pull this trend off, check out our handy guide.

Lesson 2: Add instant interest

Making a simple swap, like opting for a patterned shirt instead of a solid one, is an easy way to make your look more visually interesting. The thicker the stripe, the more casual your look will feel, so choose yours accordingly. And to balance your look, stick to solid pieces in neutral colours.

Lesson 3: Graduate to spring outerwear 

Now is your cue to tuck away the winter jacket and throw on something lighter. Even if it’s still a little nippy out, you can style a thicker knit underneath, so that it keeps you warm while still signaling the change of season.

Lesson 4: Make the chambray shirt your spring top

If a denim jacket or shirt is too casual for where you’re headed, consider the chambray shirt instead. It’s a nice mix between an Oxford shirt and a denim shirt, and it still feels comfortable and considered. You can dress it up with tailoring or down with jeans as a nod to double denim. It’s also a great layer over a plain tee as we inch closer to summer. 

Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Hannah Miles