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Four of the most versatile trends for right now

Four of the most versatile trends for right now

At Thread, we don't necessarily consider ourselves trend-led; in fact, we often just ditch the idea of them all together. However, there are times when some particularly good ones come along which we know will stand the test of time. Then we feel it’s only right to keep you in the know. That's why each season, we highlight the most versatile trends of the season (the ones that will be in our wardrobes for more than just a few months) and let you know all about how to wear them, when to wear them, and how to keep them feeling brand new for years to come. 

In preparation for the warmer months, we spoke to menswear stylist Freddie Kemp about which pieces we should be buying into right now and why he thinks they’re going nowhere fast. Fom the return of the ‘90s to why the bomber jacket always needs a place in your wardrobe, keep scrolling to discover what you’ll be living in all season – and beyond… 

Embrace the return of preppy

Turns out, preppy is cool again. Right now, the actual trend is going head-to-toe collegiate – think pink striped shirts, some chino shorts, high-rose socks, and some loafers, of course. But if you’re not willing to go that far out, any of these pieces when worn alone will remain must-haves in your wardrobe for years to come. Even little details like a baseball cap that feels a little more retro than your classic sportswear styles is a great way to dip your toe in in a less eye-catching way. Freddie says brands like Corridor, Aimé Leon Dore, and Beige Habilleur are great to look to for this aesthetic, “or, if you’re really into this one, look to French magazine L’etiquette for further inspo.”

Lean into ‘90s sportswear

It’s no surprise that with the Euros just about to kick off, ‘90s sportswear is making arguably its biggest comeback yet. And even if you’re not a big football fan, Freddie says “classic silhouettes like bucket hats and quarter zips are a great way to give a subtle nod without any big graphics – think Liam Gallagher in his twenties.” To make these pieces feel even more contemporary, you can try out some pastel shades like a lilac as shown above. Then you can wear it to all the other occasions that aren’t England vs Scotland at the local. Even just a pair of ‘90s trainers are an equally good addition to your wardrobe to make you feel bang on trend for right now but to also remain a staple season after season. 

Take your shorts wide

Throughout the colder months, wider-fit trousers were everywhere, but Freddie sees no reason that this silhouette can’t stay with us as we move into summer. At first, the sound of a wide-fit short can sound a little unflattering but there’s a few little tips that can avoid this. Start by opting for a pair that have the same fabric as a classic formal trouser or even a linen but anything like a chino or twill won’t hold its shape as well – you almost want it to look like a pair of trousers that have just been cut. “Usually you’re advised to let your shorts sit at about an inch above your knee – you can do this but with this style you can also get away with it hitting right at the knee, just not any lower or you’re going into board short territory.” 

Throw on a bomber jacket

Any sort of military or utility style always manages to find its way back into fashion, making it one of the best trends to buy into. Now, we know a bomber jacket is nothing groundbreaking but it’s super versatile and you’ll soon find, very easy to wear. In past seasons, it would usually be paired with a pair of light-wash jeans, but after building an impressive collection of sweatpants over the last few months, you’ll be glad to know they look great with these too. Lightweight versions are in the plenty right now, so they’re great for the warm-weather, “just remember to keep the key features – an upper arm pocket, the heavy ribbed hem and the boxy fit.” 


Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Freddie Kemp