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Four essential footwear styles for autumn

Four essential footwear styles for autumn

Autumn is officially on its way and that pair of white leather trainers you’ve been sporting all summer? Probably aren't going to cut it for the season ahead. Enter Toby Standing, stylist and footwear connoisseur who has all the need-to-knows on the footwear you actually need. 

From the elevated sneakers that work just as well WFH as they do for weekend plans to the slipper alternative you can actually get away with wearing in the office, keep scrolling to find your next favourite. 

Low-top canvas trainers

This type of trainer is a great mainstay for any complete menswear wardrobe. It’s not quite a suede sneaker, which really is only suitable for the dryer months, but not quite as minimal as  leather trainers either. Toby’s a real big fan of the Chuck Taylor ‘70s which are definitely having a moment right now. But, there’s just so many different styles and types that you’ll be hard pressed to not find trainers of this sort that work for you. 

The best part is they’re easily dressed up and down too. If you opt for a trouser and an overshirt you’re instantly office ready, but for the WFH days and the weekends, switch these out for jeans and a tee and you’re good to go. 

Leather derbies

It’s safe to say we’re definitely entering a post-sneaker world. Not necessarily that we’re boycotting and not wearing them again – we meant what we said about those just canvas trainers being an essential. But previously, it seemed you’d have to find a new pair for any aspect of your life. Now, finding alternative footwear that’s just as versatile but not so samey is top of our list. Cue the leather derby. 

The trick here is to find a pair in a grained leather and a simple style. This way they’re still smart, but they’re not as shiny and polished meaning they’re just as easily paired with your jeans as they are tailored trousers. 

Work boots

Photographed: Grenson Easton (£305)

Especially when the temperature really starts to plummet, you’re going to need a pair of boots. Luckily, a solid workwear style will truly never age so you can be sure you’re making a confident investment. Just make sure you choose a lug-sole to ensure true longevity.

Like with the leather derby, a grained leather iteration is always a good idea to heighten the shoe’s versatility. Toby also recommends opting for a black or brown leather – that way they’ll match pretty much any cold-weather outfit you put them with. 


Photographed: Birkenstock Boston Suede Sandals (£90)

Now for a controversial one. The mule. After a long period of working from home, you probably got very used to a slip on, slip off situation when it came to footwear. But reality is, your slippers or sliders aren’t everywhere appropriate. However a Birkenstock mule? Everywhere appropriate. 

They have all the ease (and comfort) of a slipper but don’t require a frantic shoe change when needing to nip out and get a coffee. Plus, they really are okay to wear to work and can be paired with some cosy socks, no questions asked. While they might feel a little out of your comfort zone, rest assured they come in a mix of suede, leather, and even fur-lined iterations which means one is bound to take your fancy. 


Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing