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When it comes to winter colour palettes, we’re crowning jewel tones king. Beyond adding richness and depth to your wardrobe, they satisfy colour cravings in a way that feels seasonally appropriate. And if you think these shades of ruby and amethyst are only designed for blue bloods, think again. Below we round up the top reasons why we can’t get enough of these vivid colours. Turns out sapphires and emeralds are actually a guy’s best friend. 

1. They’re more versatile than you may think 

Jewel tones are typically favoured for evening wear, as deep, rich hues like amethyst and citrine shine bright on luxurious velvets and silks. But their eye-catching impact against more laid-back shades make them perfect for making a statement with your everyday outfits, too. 

The dramatic palette really pops when incorporated into patterns like casual checks and more formal florals, but if you’re more of a block colour guy, a simple jewel-toned knit over a white shirt will make just as much of a statement.

2. They brighten up darker looks 

As well as adding richness to cold-weather outfits, jewel tones are an easy way to incorporate colour into your darker winter wardrobe. So as the weather turns, rather than reaching exclusively for blacks and greys, why not embrace some colour?

If you want a look that oozes confidence, reach for a bold ruby red . Paired with darker pieces – including other jewel tones like sapphire blue that have anchoring effects, it makes a regal statement without looking garish. 

3. They pair well with your foundational neutrals

Jewel tones draw the eye and make the biggest impact when paired with neutral shades. Emerald green, a colour often found in nature, works well when combined with other earthy hues like beige and brown. 

Whilst it’s often favoured in outdoor clothing, the shade also has a refined and undeniably wintry feel that fits easily into more formal outfits. Try a green knit with tailored trousers and a camel coat for a simple yet impactful pop of colour.

4. They flatter all skin tones 

Darker skin tones welcome colourful clothing, which can wash out lighter complexions. Warm jewel shades, on the other hand, offer a richer alternative to saturated hues and can also offset the draining effect of lighter-coloured clothing.

5. A little goes a long way

If you’re not so big on colour but you want to add a subtle point of interest to your look, accessorize with jewel-toned pieces. Even a piece as subtle as socks, a tie, or scarf can be impactful when they come in jewel tones. Proof that even simple pieces in rich hues can become the focal point of your outfit without feeling overpowering. 

Words: Ella White
Photography: Andras Hari
Styling: Alice Watt