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Five essential summer shoes

Five essential summer shoes

With any good outfit, comes a great pair of shoes (literally – you can’t really leave the house without them, unless you’re prepared for a sizable amount of judgement). But with just so many different styles on offer, it can be pretty hard to narrow down the pairs you actually need to make your summer wardrobe a success. Luckily, we’ve got stylist Freddie – who knows a thing or two about shoes – to sort you out. He’s rounded up his top five essentials that will see you through every occasion this warm weather season – we’re talking from popping out to get milk to watching your best mate say I do. Keep scrolling to see the pairs you’ll be tempted to add to basket now (you’ve been warned).


You need a good pair of loafers on standby for pretty much any formal event, so they’re without doubt an essential in any complete wardrobe. But while they do pair well with all your suits and smart trousers, remember they also look great with some jeans or the right pair of elevated shorts for something a little more casual. Right now, our stylist Freddie is loving wearing his as a nod to the ever-popular preppy trend, styled with some mid-wash or even light-indigo jeans. 

Desert boots

Photographed: Yogi Hitch (£149)

Other than loafers or a boat shoe, there’s basically no other formal shoe options for summer – right? Not quite. Introducing the desert boot. Depending on your style, these are a great option if you’re not so into shorts and the no-sock life isn’t for you. They still give off a nautical vibe and can easily be dressed up or down with some chino trousers or just a pair of jeans. Plus, they feel a little different to the norm, so you won’t find yourself twinning with everyone else at the wedding, or wherever you are. 

Canvas trainers

“A canvas trainer is going to be your go-to all through the warmer months,” says Freddie. They’re a little sharper than a normal trainer and the lack of sporty detailing means you can definitely get away with wearing these to a super relaxed wedding. When shopping, Freddie advises to not hesitate on trying out a new colour. “You’ll be wearing a lot of navy and white with some stone-coloured chinos right about now, so a pair of green shoes is going to complement well.” 


Photographed: Adidas Adilette Lite (£25)

Ah, slides. Perhaps not the most fashion forward but a complete must-have for all and “when styled right they actually can look pretty cool,” Freddie tells us. You probably already know the drill with these – wear in the house as a slipper alternative, wear in the garden, when quickly walking the dog, when popping to the shop to get some milk or, of course, wear poolside. And if you were wondering, Freddie has given us the green light for socks and slides “on certain occasions.” 

New Balance trainers

Photographed: New Balance MS327BC (£75)

“Now these, these are your statement trainers.” So, if you already have a pair of tried and tested everyday trainers, these should be next on your to-buy list. Unlike the canvas trainers, they’re not going to go with absolutely everything you own; however, they’re going to look really great with the more simple outfits you do choose. “Try not to go too overboard with the rest of your outfit when wearing these, so the shoes can really do the talking.”

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Freddie Kemp