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Five easy ways to freshen up your spring wardrobe

Five easy ways to freshen up your spring wardrobe

Spring is a season for regeneration and rebirth, and we’re willing to bet your wardrobe is in need of those things more than ever right now. If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent the last year living in your basics. And sure – we love the cosy comfort of a good pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. But as the new season sets in and we start rethinking our style for the warm weather ahead, it’s the perfect opportunity for some necessary wardrobe revitalisation.

So as you pack away your winter warmers in favour of the new season’s styles, why not seek out pieces with a more interesting twist? We’re not suggesting you step away from the classic looks you know and love, but rather venture with them into a new, more contemporary territory. Sound stressful? It needn’t be. With these easy tips, your wardrobe will look as fresh as the first day of spring.

Brighten up your look

It’s a proven fact that dressing brighter can lift not only your outfit, but also your mood. And don’t dismiss the idea just because you favour a darker aesthetic: there are simple ways to ease in. So if bold, saturated shades aren’t your thing, you might find lighter tones are a more palatable approach to brighter dressing. 

Pastel colours and earth tones feel perfect for spring, and they bring more to your look than you might think. A simple coloured tee peeking out below your layers of black or grey will offer some needed depth and contrast, without the statement-making shock of a multi-coloured ensemble. In fact, if you’re totally new to the concept of colour, even white can be used to deliver the same impact to an all-black look.

Ease in with a single piece in a tone that you feel comfortable in, and note that wearing colours on top is easier to pull off than bright trousers. Spring is a great time to make this change, as warmer weather offers the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into a more colourful palette without it looking too attention-grabbing.

Pick print over plain

Like colours, prints are another great way to bring some interest to your spring wardrobe (and to your day). The easiest way to wear prints is on a shirt, which you can wear either open over a plain tee, or done up if you need to look a little smarter. The beauty of a printed shirt is that you can choose how bold or how subtle you want to go, and whether or not you want to introduce some colour. Whatever your taste, there’s no shortage of options, from classic stripes to something a little funkier.

For guys who feel hesitant to embrace a brighter way of dressing, printed shirts are also a great way to add interest without leaving the comfort zone of your favoured colour palette. But if you do like to be a bit more daring with your dressing, you can even foray into the realm of printed trousers and jackets. A splash of pattern gives your look the simple look it needs to step out of dull cold-weather layers and into the more lighthearted mood of spring. Plus, we reckon if you ease into prints when the weather is on your side, your winter wardrobe might follow suit.

Relax your silhouette

There’s never been a better time to take on relaxed fits, and the reasons are threefold: they’re on-trend but isn’t fleeting, you’ve probably only worn loose-fitting pieces for the past year anyway, and the transitional weather calls for cool, comfy clothing that still retains an element of warmth. 

Whatever your style, there’s a way to take on relaxed silhouettes that will suit you this spring. The easiest take on this look is with looser fitting tees and sweatshirts. But we think you’ve probably nailed the comfy top thing by now, so why not kickstart the new season in something more interesting and unexpected? Relaxed-fitting trousers are one of those once-in-a-blue-moon styles that tick the boxes of being stylish, contemporary, and comfortable all in one. They’re more flattering for most body shapes than your old skinnies, and they feel far more modern. 

Just bear in mind that the looser fit lends itself to a more casual aesthetic, so if you tend to dress smart it will take a little more consideration. Relaxed-fit trousers can be harder to pair with a smart shirt without looking scruffy, but if you pick a wider leg that doesn’t bunch up at the ankle, they can still look sleek and considered. So if you’re looking for a style overhaul this spring, let your new, relaxed silhouette lead the way.

Try a chunkier shape

We all love a pair of minimal white sneakers, and they certainly have their time and place. But for something a little more contemporary, consider a chunkier silhouette. A chunky shoe feels sturdy, more interesting, and if you’re willing to push the dress code boundaries a little, it can be just as easy to style with slightly smarter outfits. It’s also a great style for the new season as the chunkier sole provides extra protection from unpredictable spring showers – you know packing away your winter boots never means the bad weather’s gone for good. 

The other great thing about a chunky sole is that it reduces the impact of a looser silhouette on the bottom, so if you’re delving into the world of relaxed-fit trousers, this is a great pairing. Where sleeker shoes will emphasise the wider cut of your trousers, a chunky shoe will help balance it out. And don’t just take it from us: even the classically sleek Converse All Star has embraced a bulkier style overhaul in the past few years.

Make casual switches

Since you’re relaxing your silhouette, why not relax your style as well? Spring is a great time of year to make more laid-back style choices, especially when it comes to outerwear as bigger overcoats, which tend to feel more formal, are no longer needed. Of course, there will be times when nothing but a suit will do. But we foresee these relaxed dress codes becoming more and more prevalent post-pandemic. So when you can get away with something a little more chilled, consider making some stylistic switches. 

You’ve probably already tried out jeans in smarter settings, but sticking to formal trousers and trying a laid-back look on top makes more of a seasonal statement. For example, a utility or chore jacket can work just as well as a blazer when worn with a shirt and trousers, or even slim jeans. It feels slightly rugged, but the cut nods to your trusty smart suit jacket while the lighter fabric choices, like linen or canvas, feel less stuffy than wool. You can even opt for lighter springtime tones, like khaki or stone, for a more seasonal touch.

Words: Ella White