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The colours you’ll get the most wear out of this autumn

The colours you’ll get the most wear out of this autumn

So it goes – as summer fades, so typically does your wardrobe colour palette. But we’re here to argue that it doesn’t have to be that way. This autumn our stylist (and self-proclaimed dark-tones lover) Toby Standing is recommending an injection of colour that feels a little less expected. Because why not hold onto summer where you can?

Now, before the panic sets in and you start seeing flashes of neon, rest assured the shades we’re into for the season ahead are incredibly wearable and easy to weave into your day-to-day rotation. Think bright red, light blue, and a softer shade of white for a combo of colours Toby is sure you’ll get a lot of wear out of in the coming months. They might even brighten a dreary day or too, and we won’t argue with that. 

Torch red

If there’s one colour our stylists are unanimously championing right now, it’s a bright pillarbox red. Bold, we know, but hear us out – this shade is actually more wearable than it first seems. 

In fact, it often features in wearable pieces like plaid shirts and knitwear, but a beginner-proof approach to incorporating this colour into your wardrobe, and the one Toby would recommend, is through accessories like hats and classic trainers – you know, a dose here and there. Style with all your mainstay neutrals to really allow the contrasting pop to make an impact.


Casper blue

A light-wash denim blue may feel like a more obvious choice for the warmer months, but it happens to work just as well as a cross-seasonal shade – it’s not quite bright enough to scream summer, but also not dark enough to feel like a winter exclusive either.

The best part about it is you can pretty much treat it the same as a classic neutral. Just like the light blue colour of your denim, it bodes well with black, neutrals, other-blue tones, and of course, more denim.



Can’t be convinced to wear colour? This one’s for you. An off-white or ecru in place of a stark white feels softer and less contrasting thanks to its more earthy tone, and consequently easier to wear. You’ll quickly find ecru simpler to style come the colder months, especially if you tend to lean towards darker tones during this time of year. For example, while white and black can feel quite intense, ecru sits a little closer to darker tones. As an additional benefit,this shade will keep its colour and look fresher for longer, as you’re not trying to maintain that pristine white. So, essentially, it’s fair game for this shade to become a long-term favourite.


Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Styling: Toby Standing