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Autumn’s best investment pieces

Autumn’s best investment pieces

If we had it our way, autumn wardrobes would be a shrine to dozens of the season’s flannel shirts, herringbone trousers, and piles upon piles of chunky knits. It is, after all, the season of artful layering and soft-as-butter fabrics and should be celebrated as such. But there’s the tiny issue of space and the even more microscopic issue of money, so we’ll settle instead for a more modest assortment of autumn’s most worthy investments, as anointed by our stylists. These are the hard-working pieces that will guide you through the season and beyond and are more than likely to earn you a few compliments on the way. Stay cosy out there.

Thoughtful layers for every day 

In the beginning of the season, when the entire northern hemisphere hasn’t yet entered into hibernation mode, it’s more important to make minor changes to your wardrobe than entire overhauls. That’s when fabrication comes in to play. “Early autumn is the perfect opportunity to introduce heavier weight pieces, like a flannel shirt, which you can wear as a standalone piece and then eventually layer with other essentials as the season progresses,” says stylish Alexander McCalla. “Opt for a patterned flannel shirt that lends a neutral look a bit of interest. It’s an easy way to jazz up a look with minimal effort required.”

And when the temperature dips, reach for a gilet, particularly one in a neutral that will effortlessly pair with your other cold-weather staples. “Gilets are the Swiss army knife of your wardrobe – they can come into play in a range of environments and weather conditions,” Alexander says. “When it’s mild, you can wear it as an outer layer. When it’s cold, it can serve as an in-between layer over your shirt and underneath your jacket. You won’t have an excuse to complain about the cold.” 

Head-to-toe heavyweight staples 

If you’re only going to buy one item to carry you through autumn, go for a versatile knit. “A good knit works well on its own, so it works especially well if you're not into layering,” Alexander says. “You want one that complements the rest of your wardrobe, so selecting one in autumnal colours is a safe bet. It will lend your look colour, while still going with everything.” A patterned knit is another way to dial your look up a bit, but if you’re pattern shy, you can also play with different styles – think a mock-neck or rollneck – and textures, like a cable-knit or ribbed knit. 

It’s also important to keep your pegs warm all season. Jeans will do, but it’s hard to beat a corduroy trouser come autumn. “Cords capture that autumn-winter vibe,” Alexander says. “They’ve got texture, which adds a bit of interest, and what’s great is you can dress them up or down depending on the setting. They look great at work, the pub, a Christmas party, you name it – they’ll be your go-to all season.” 

Finishing touches that make a difference

One of your most underrated allies in autumn is an accessory. Not only do they help to tie a look together, but they also help you brace the elements. “An oversized scarf is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t underestimate accessories,” Alexander says. “It can instantly elevate your look and goes with nearly anything. Go for a chunkier, textured scarf to add a more visual interest, and use it as an opportunity to add a pop of colour. Something autumnal works well, earthy tones in particular.” 

The same rules apply to your beanie and sock games as well, so put some extra consideration into the details this season. They’re something that will last you for seasons to come, and at the very least, your toes will be nice and toasty. 


Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Jake Millers
Styling: Alexander McCalla