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Eight street style lessons for winter

Eight street style lessons for winter

For everyday inspiration, we often find ourselves looking (and pointing our lens) towards the impossibly stylish streets of London – a city teeming with gents who know how to dress. We’d even go so far as to say that many of them illustrate simple style lessons better than a high-fashion model, and the best part? It’s easy to apply them to your own wardrobe. To break down what makes these looks so strong, we’ve enlisted the help of Thread stylist Alice Watt. Because, we promise, it really does just take a few extra minutes every day to dress better (and potentially catch the eye of our street style photographer, too).

Lesson 1: running trainers keep things casual

“Up top, Luca’s look is rather smart with shades of grey and a smart, tailored overcoat. But he has balanced this out with a pair of running trainers in khaki. This immediately breaks through any stuffiness and gives the look a much more relaxed feel. Don’t underestimate the power of a pair of trainers!”

Lesson 2: tonal dressing looks smart

“When dressing smartly, consider your colour choice. An easy way to pull off a smart outfit is to choose one colour and wear varying shades of it. Here, Ben has balanced beige, camel, and brown to masterfully pull off a sophisticated outfit that looks considered. Finishing off the look with a cool pair of shades is a welcome bonus.”

Lesson 3: colour can be playful

“Sometimes, it’s the subtle things that make for a great outfit. Jacob hasn’t dressed loudly, but he’s managed to wrap up warm and still stand out with small, considered touches. The beanie pairs nicely with the field jacket, while the bright red of the scarf matches his socks and offsets the irreverent blue of his Converse kicks.

Lesson 4: elevated separates look considered

“It’s clear that Ross has invested a bit of time in choosing his pieces here. Each item brings something extra to the outfit as a whole. The knit has texture, the coat features a lovely check pattern, the jeans are upturnt at the bottom, and the lace-up boots are sturdy and slick.”

Lesson 5: bold outerwear makes the right statement

“If you’re looking to stand out with your outerwear, opting for a check jacket in a warm wool fabric is always a great investment. It’ll go with the majority of your outfits and won’t go out of style.”

Lesson 6: oversized outerwear is a trend that’s here to stay

“We’re a big fan of the oversized trend at Thread. Get it right, and it can be the statement you’ve been looking for.” Learn more about how to pull off the oversized trend here

Lesson 7: rollneck knits are heroes of winter dressing

“If we were to pick one must-have item for winter, it would be the humble rollneck. They can be dressed down for casual looks, but also fit in seamlessly into smart get-ups. Plus, they are mega warm.”

Lesson 8: cropped cuts are the future

“This is the direction menswear is going in. Looser, cropped trousers are massively in style right now, and we applaud guys who give them a go, as they can look great as part of a minimal, laid-back outfit like this one.”

Words: Ashiana Pradhan
Photography: Hannah Miles