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3 of the most versatile trends for winter

3 of the most versatile trends for winter

We’re pretty fussy about the trends we buy into here at Thread. After all, we’re all for a long-lasting wardrobe filled with versatile pieces you’ll be reaching for for years to come. However, there is the odd trend out there that our expert stylists know has some real longevity to it; those are the ones we like to share with you. 

And now that it seems temperatures have plunged for the long haul, these versatile trends couldn’t be more welcome. We asked stylist Toby Standing for a round up of the ones topping his list this season. 

Bold outerwear

From fleeces to gilets and everything in between, bolder and brighter tones for winter are something that has found a home in this season’s outerwear rotations. This trend works particularly well on more technical styles, think windbreakers and polyester down gilets, as the bright colour takes better to those types of fabrications as opposed to a heavy wool coat. 

A main benefit you gain from buying into this trend is being able to experiment and bring more colour to both your personal style and the darker time of year, while not overwhelming your day-to-day looks. The colours Toby suggests to look out for are cobalt blue, safety orange, pillarbox, and bright yellow. Though they might sound scary, trust us, they’re surprisingly wearable. 

Graphical knitwear

Pulling off festive attire without looking cheesy is no easy task. Neither is bringing some contrast and colour into your look when your only priority is staying warm. Cue a knit with some graphic interest. Especially if your go-to in summer is a graphic or printed t-shirt, buying into this trend can help you in keeping a consistent style throughout all the seasons. To style successfully, these kinds of knits are great for layering under your winter overcoat to nicely break up the uniform colours we gravitate towards in the cold-weather months. 


“I’ve developed a real love of fleece this season, along with, apparently loads of brands that do it very well,” Toby says. There’s a real tactical feel to fleece which just makes it the nicest piece of clothing to wrap up in before braving the winter cold. Plus, the style is just super versatile too, working equally as well over a hoodie with sweats for a weekend walk as it does over dark denim and a rollneck for the office. “I’m a personal fan of the liner jacket style, but the sleeveless and more heavy duty options are also great depending on what you’re into.”

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing