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3 colours to dip into this summer

3 colours to dip into this summer

If ever there was a kaleidoscopic season, summer would be it. It’s the time when all shades vibrant and electric come out of the woodwork, and if you don’t embrace them now, then when? 

So as you build your seasonal wardrobe, make sure to let colour do some of the lifting for you. Need a steer? We’ve tapped stylist Toby Standing to pluck his favourite mood-boosting colours, including a very cheerful yellow, to inspire your summer wardrobe. Whether you wear them boldly or in small doses is up to you. But just know, colour is for everyone – even the more colour-averse among you. 

Bet on blush pink

We’ve got a fun fact for you, so stick with us. For the majority of history, pink didn’t have the more feminine associations it does today. There was none of that dressing your newborn girl in pink and boy in blue business that we’ve run – make that sprinted – with the past century. 

In fact, back in the day, richer tones of red and pink were rare due to how expensive the pigment used to dye them. Which meant, of course, that those colours became a status symbol and often worn by prominent men and women. 

We think it’s about time everyone claimed pink again. And Toby agrees, “I’m really enjoying the more reddish pinks around at the moment, especially for summer shirts. It’s a colour that has such a rich tone to it that you can do a lot with very little. That means the rest of your look can stay neutral and still feel really impactful.”  

And because you can do a lot with very little, blush pinks are a great entry point for experimenting with colour. Ease in with the aforementioned shirt, shorts, or even accessories. The choice is yours. 


Step into sunflower yellow

When it comes to style, there’s an old rule of thumb that your wardrobe should mirror your surroundings (hence the Hawaiian shirts in summer and foliage-coloured knitwear in autumn). And while we tend to ditch outdated style philosophies, we’re sticking with this one. 

Enter sunflower yellow. “It’s another colour that screams summertime, and it’s one that works well for everything from accessories and footwear to bold summer shirts,” Toby says.

There’s also a not-so-old style philosophy that you can manifest the kind of summer you want with your wardrobe (specifically the colours you choose). We may have just made it up, but we’re sticking with it. And we think you should too.


Let lavender lift your look

You’ve probably seen this colour ‘round the block before. Lavender has been trending in menswear for a couple seasons now, and it’s not going anywhere. And that’s probably because it’s wearable – moreso than you might initially think – especially when it’s part of a pattern or worn with lighter neutral tones.

“I’m a fan of a white tee with a brighter pair of shorts, like these Nike ones,” Toby says. He recommends thinking of it similarly to how you approach wearing a bright blue colour, as they sit closely on the colour wheel. They both make for easy complements for versatile shades like beige, white, and green. Meaning there’s really no excuse not to give lavender a go.


Words: Allison Pavlick
Styling: Toby Standing