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14 linen shirts to help you stay cool this summer

14 linen shirts to help you stay cool this summer

You already know we’ve got you covered for the pending heatwave. And a good summer outfit usually begins with a linen shirt. A real, warm-weather crowd pleaser, a linen shirt is a little breezier than your classic Oxford (but can still be styled up smart) and will never fail you when the sun starts to shine. 

We’re sure you and your body temp don’t need much more convincing on this one, but here are the need-to-knows: a linen shirt has a lower thread count than your classic shirt, so it’s nice and breathable – ideal for avoiding any midday sweat patches. And, though they’re infamous for their creasing, rest assured our stylists give the green light for embracing it rather than spending 45 minutes with the steamer – not ideal when you already feel like you’re living in a sauna. Not to mention, they work with any outfit for any occasion, all summer long. Into it? Here are 14 proper good ones on site now.

1. Plaid Vacation Shirt by Corridor 

Never underestimate the power of plaid – even in the summer months. Once a frat boy’s winter exclusive, now an all-year-round staple pattern that will add some welcome texture to your warm-weather wardrobe. Wear this one open, wear it closed, wear it however you like. 

2. Beams Plus Camp-Collar Printed Linen Shirt 

Toby says, “we recently had this exact shirt pulled in for a shoot, and I loved how boxy the shape was and how much weight the linen had. Pair that with it still feeling breathable and a slightly more interesting collar shape, and I knew it had to come home with me.” 

3. Beams Plus Camp-Collar Printed Linen Shirt 

Same shirt, different pattern. “Yep this one is so good, I had to mention it twice,” Toby says. At first glance, this linen shirt comes off super bright, but really, the background colour is pretty muted and the pattern is nicely spaced-out so as not to feel too overwhelming. Plus, orange quickly becomes surprisingly wearable when you pair it with the neutrals you already own. 

4. Boden Revere Linen Cotton Shirt 

Come through, Boden! “This shirt reminds me of all the vintage shirts I want but can’t afford,” Toby says. And while yes, this shirt does encompass a vintage vibe, there’s also something certifiably modern about it. It’s a shirt to bust  out for something special. See: wedding season. 

5. Edwin Hiroshige Vacation Shirt 

This is a step up from your average Hawaiian shirt – way cooler, way chicer, and way less Uni lad on his ‘shit shirt’ night out. “And its beauty all lies in its versatility,” Toby says. Wear it open topless with swimwear, wear it over a tee, or wear it buttoned up with some linen trousers for a fun take on summer holiday evening attire. 

1. Arket Half-Zip Short-Sleeved Shirt 

You can never go wrong with a bit of Arket. And this kind of shirt polo hybrid is ticking all the right boxes for a look that feels just the right amount of laid-back. Toby says, “I love this because it has a contemporary feel, while still retaining a classic shape.” 

2. Portuguese Flannel Dogtown Convertible-Collar Linen Shirt 

“A white camp-collar, short-sleeved shirt at this time of a year is a no-brainer, especially this one,” Toby says. “And that’s all I’ve got to say on that one.” 

3. COS Regular-Fit Linen Polo Shirt 

No fuss here – a simple and classic-fitting polo is one of the hardest workers you can have in your summer rotation. And Toby says, “this is a great colour to match with all your other neutrals, like some ecru shorts.” 

4. Universal Works Convertible-Collar Garment-Dyed Linen and Cotton Blend Shirt 

Universal Works forever remains a stylist favourite when it comes to Indie brands on our site. And summer shirts? That’s where they thrive. The fit is always spot on when it comes to a Universal Works shirt, with Toby describing it as that “perfect don’t-need-to-tuck-it-in shape.”

1. Jaeger Luxury Pure Linen Overheard Shirt 

We’re really into this powder yellow colour right now, and Toby’s a sucker for a half-placket shirt. Throw this kind of thing on while at the beach or just any of those ‘too hot to even think about getting dressed’ days. 

2. John Lewis & Partners Linen Regular Fit Shirt 

Colours like this are great entry-level shades to ease you into some bolder colours for the summer. Couple that with the price point to quality ratio, and you’ve really got yourself a steal. 

3. Kin Band Collar Cotton Linen Blend Shirt 

Collarless shirts are an underrated style – it’s subtle detail, but God does it make the difference. “I think this brick red colour is so killer, and a little unexpected for this time of year. Style with a loose pair of shorts in a darker tone like navy or khaki, some canvas trainers, and you’re easily winning best-dressed at the BBQ.” 

4. John Lewis & Partners Linen Slim-Fit Stripe Linen Blend Shirt 

While wide blue and white stripes might seem a bit pyjama-y (especially in linen), turns out they’re pretty trendy for summer 2022. At its core, it’s a pattern that does a lot with a little, so you can get away with keeping the rest of your look super simple while still looking considered. 

5. Paul Smith Khaki Linen-Patch Pocket Shirt 

This shirt nicely bridges the gap between a shirt shirt and an overshirt. It’s not only super light-weight, it comes in one of the most versatile shades too, so you’ll quickly find you can shove it on top of anything – ideal for those brisker summer evenings.

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Styling: Toby Standing