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The in-between seasons superheroes

The in-between seasons superheroes

Have you joined the wardrobe confusion club yet? If so, welcome. There’s no initiation fee – the only price is a feeling of deep uncertainty as you approach your wardrobe each morning. You’ve likely been caught in that in-between seasons period when the only thing that’s reliable about the forecast is that it’s consistently unsure what it should be doing. At Thread, we’ve spent such a sizeable chunk of these past few weeks bad-mouthing this funky period, that to appease us, our stylists rounded up the items we need to navigate the in-between seasons in style. (You’ll be happy to hear that we’ve since curbed our complaining.) These are the pieces you can rely on to see you through the days when it’s nippy in the morning, a bit chilly in the afternoon, and downright freezing in the evening. 

And when the weather eventually turns into a consistent wintry mess? These pieces can be incorporated then too. Simply pair them with your puffer and switch your leather shoes for waterproof boots, and you’re set until spring, when I’m sure we’ll all find new weather conditions to complain about. 

Effortless outerwear

Outerwear might be the last thing you throw on, but it shouldn’t be an afterthought, especially between seasons when wearing anything too heavy or too light can leave you stifled or shivering respectively. For sunny autumn days when all you’re experiencing is a light breeze, a denim jacket is an easy off-duty staple that’s just heavy enough to keep you warm when the sun sets. 

When the rain clouds start forming, you’ll want a waterproof rain jacket within arm's reach. Choosing one in earthy or neutral tones ensure it will pair seamlessly with other casual autumn staples, including the aforementioned denim jacket, which can be layered beneath as you inch towards winter. If you need something a bit smarter for work, a classic mac in easy-to-pair tan can’t be beaten. Choose one that’s water-resistant that can be worn during those weird weather situations where you feel like it could suddenly shower down rain or sunshine.


Stylish and practical layers

There’s an art to navigating the time between seasons, and it comes down to layering. A normal layer involves doesn’t require much thought – just the end goal of keeping warm. An artful layer, on the other hand, involves choosing pieces based on their texture and colour, so they can add depth to a look. A mustard jumper will help you achieve the latter. Styled under a denim jacket and rain jacket during tricky transition weather, it helps break up an otherwise neutral look. 

If you’re layering for the workday, and you’re feeling obliged to wear a button-down shirt, choose a jewel-toned ribbed jumper to add some dimension to the corporate uniform. It will keep you warm as the temperature drops, but also refined and considered as you make you way towards the conference room. 

Cold-weather trousers

When it comes choosing trousers in transitional weather, you want to go for pieces that will serve as a base for everyday wear. A cotton twill trouser is an easy choice. It’s designed with a looser fit, which gives it a more relaxed vibe. It goes well with standalone pieces, like a jumper, in early autumn, and equally well with a jacket come winter. If you can find one in an elastane blend, even better for you and your comfort levels. 

There might not be any snow flurries in the forecast yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start embracing cold-weather fabrics. Wool trousers are a workwear staple, but we encourage you to eschew stuffiness and choose a pair with a more relaxed fit. They’ll still pair with your standard button-up shirt and blazer, and they’ll carry through all this nonsense weather with ease.  

Hardworking footwear 

When it’s too early to slip into your winter boots but unthinkable to throw on boat shoes, trainers are a no-brainer. A neutral pair from Nike or Veja will make it easy to wear them now and once things get frosty. Keep an out for weatherproof fabrics, like water-repellent suede, that will ensure your trainers won’t get soiled prematurely in wet weather. 

In professional settings, a handsome pair of leather shoes will do you well. They’re sturdy enough to withstand the elements without weighing you down like a pair of boots. Stick to solid black for optimal versatility, then step outside and see what surprises the weather has in store for you – at the very least, you’ll be putting your best foot forward. 

Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Jake Millers
Styling: Freddie Kemp