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What exactly are Superga trainers?

What exactly are Superga trainers?

In a nutshell

Canvas trainers made by the eponymous, century-old Italian brand. Superga trainers are characterised by canvas uppers and rubber soles.


In 1911, Italian shoemaker Walter Martiny realised that by coating a pair of canvas shoes in vulcanised rubber, he could make them watertight without sacrificing comfort. Naming his new company after the Superga, a hill that bordered his home city of Turin, his first customers were local farmers, who needed something that would keep their feet dry in the fields. The rest of Italy discovered the brand fourteen years later, when Martiny launched the ‘2750’ model; with its grippy sole and breathable canvas upper, it was the ideal footwear for Mediterranean summers. Superga has since launched a plethora of new shapes and styles, but the original is still as essential – and versatile – as it was in 1925.

How to wear them well

“I love them because they go with everything and look good on guys of any age,” says Thread stylist Alice Watt. “Because they’re affordable and are made from canvas, rather than leather, they also wear in really well. Yours can be brand new or have a few scuffs and they'll still look really stylish.” The material also adds texture, which makes them perfect for lending chinos or wool blazers a casual air. “Think of them as an all-year alternative to boat shoes.”