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What exactly are: Brogue boots?

What exactly are: Brogue boots?

In a nutshell

If brogues and boots had a love child ... they'd be slightly more formal than workboots and considerably more casual than brogues.


Brogue boots are a derivative of brogues, which were first created in the wilds of Ireland. Brogue boots are just a more practical version: they cover the ankle and make it less likely for feet to get wet or cold. 

How to wear them well

"A slimmer pair of jeans shows brogue boots off best; bootcut jeans hide the top of the boots, which can look strange," says Thread stylist Millie Rich. "You can even do a bit of a turn-up if you want. Stick to black, brown or tan brogue boots, which go with everything, or burgundy if you're feeling adventurous. Hudson and Grenson both do a range of styles." One word to the wise: because these boots end high up on the ankle, there are better boots for shorter guys.