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One small change: Wear round-toe smart shoes

One small change: Wear round-toe smart shoes

Why make the change?

"You'd think the sharp point would make shoes neater, but in actuality it does the opposite: if you see a dude walking down the street in winkle-pickers, it's distracting and it looks completely unnatural. Round-toe shoes, on the other hand, finish an outfit off in a neat, clean way. This is true of any outfit, whether you're wearing jeans, formal trousers or chinos."

Thread senior stylist Sam Monaghan

 Why this works

Photographed: Grenson oxblood Derbies (£200)

  1. Round toes follow the natural shape of your feet. "It’s simple: the shoes on the right fit the shape of the foot, so they look like they belong there."
  2. The neat shape adds to an outfit rather than detracting from it. "The shoes on the left look ungainly and distracting, while the shoes on the right finish off the outfit in a neat, clean way."