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Making the case for: Coloured trainers

Making the case for: Coloured trainers

"One reason lots of guys start using Thread is because they want to switch up the way they dress, even if only slightly. We recommend doing that in different ways—such as by trying a new colour or texture, or wearing clothes in combinations you mightn't have thought of. But one of my favourite options sounds more extreme than it is: wearing coloured trainers.

"Before you start picturing Kanye in black-and-red Air Maxes, hear me out. If you keep the colour either deep and dark (like burgundy or forest green) or pastel (pale pink or mint green) there's not such a gulf between coloured trainers and your favourite black or white pair. And in some ways they're more conservative than other coloured items: they're a long way from your face, after all, so it's not as if people are distracted by them when chatting with you."

Photographed: Common Projects mint-green trainers (£249). At top: Nike Roshe blue trainers (£99), Adidas lavender trainers (£79), Nike grey trainers (£99), New Balance green trainers (£109)

"Still, they wake up an outfit. Wear your usual neutrals, and coloured trainers will add something. My only caveat is that wearing all one colour—like head-to-toe black—with a pair of coloured shoes looks too studied, and makes the trainers jarringly bright. (Ahem, Kanye).

"How to wear them well? Here's how two Thread guys do it. Our head of business development, Terry, wears pale-pink Common Projects with selvedge denim and a plain, oversized shirt, which is cool and relaxed. My colleague Freddie goes for a more classic approach, pairing sand-and-green Sauconies with slim black jeans, a white t-shirt and a tailored coat. Honestly, even if you're wary, when you've seen someone wearing them you'll understand the merits of the style."