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Four ways to wear: A chambray shirt

Four ways to wear: A chambray shirt

How to wear a what, you say? "Chambray is a fabric woven from white and coloured (usually blue) threads," explains Thread stylist Kasia Katner. "It's woven in a similar way to denim, but it's more lightweight. Chambray shirts, which are often the same shape and style as Oxford shirts, are perfect for summer because they're light, and you can dress them up or down depending on what you're doing that day."

Here, Kasia shares five ways to wear this surprisingly versatile staple.

1. For an informal job interview

The outfit: Chambray shirt, blazer, formal trousers, smart shoes

Why this works: "This outfit would be a great way to stand out from the rest of the applicants: with its texture and colour, the chambray shirt makes smart separates much more interesting (and a tad more casual) than a white Oxford shirt would. If you want to look preppier, do up the top button."

Photographed: Whistles blazer (£156), Hudson Derbies (£90)

2. When the weather fluctuates between warm and cool

The outfit: Chambray shirt, navy cardigan, slim black jeans, smart shoes

Why this works: "Chambray shirts' lightness makes them ideal for summer, but as we know, British weather is ever unpredictable ... so it's always handy to have an extra layer. A cardigan looks a bit more considered than a jumper when the weather cools, and can be easier to stash away than a jacket when the sun comes back out. You could make this outfit more casual with different shoes: trainers, or desert or work boots, would dress it down."

Photographed: Jigsaw cardigan (£98), Whistles black jeans (£80)

3. For a sunny day out

The outfit: Chambray shirt, stone chino shorts, penny loafers

Why this works: "Chambray is usually pale blue, which looks great with stone chinos. And because it's a more breathable fabric than Oxford, it's a natural match for shorts in warm weather."

Photographed: Gant shorts (£70)

4. When the dress code is smart casual … but you want to feel relaxed

The outfit: Chambray shirt, turned-up chinos, navy blazer, desert boots

Why this works: "The untucked shirt, turned-up trousers and desert boots make this outfit feel and look more relaxed and comfortable than most buttoned-up smart-casual looks. You could wear this for situations when you want to look smart but feel at ease."

Photographed: Whistles blazer (£156)