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How to roll your sleeves up

How to roll your sleeves up

There are two main reasons to roll up your sleeves: either someone left the heating on and you're sweating, or you want to make a smart shirt look more casual. However, there are significantly more ways to actually reveal your forearms, from the simple foldover to the only technique permitted by the Marines, which involves a ruler, an iron and more effort than anyone really needs to commit.

The simplest – and arguably the best – is the sleeve-rolling technique invented by the Italians, which treads the line between looking relaxed and looking put-together. “It gives an effortless, practical air,” says Thread stylist Millie Rich. “That makes it great for transitioning from the office to the pub.”

How to roll your sleeves like an Italian

Sleeve rolling technique

1. Unbutton all your cuff buttons and remove any cufflinks. Reconsider rolling if you’ve got French cuffs – the extra fabric can look bulky.

2. Fold the hem back to just below the crook of your elbow. “Going above the elbow makes it look like you’re about to do some DIY,” says Millie.

3. Roll your sleeve up from the fold so it holds the cuff in place. “Make sure a couple of centimetres of cuff are showing,” says Millie. “If it’s too precise it can look fussy.”