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What exactly is: A cable-knit jumper?

What exactly is: A cable-knit jumper?

In a nutshell

A cable-knit jumper has a textured weave that makes it slightly more interesting—and warmer—than your usual pullovers.


Also known as an Aran jumper, the cable-knit style was invented near the turn of the 20th century, when fishermen's wives in Ireland's Aran islands learned how to knit the intricate patterns with their thick lamb's-wool—and made their own jumpers, hats, socks, vests and skirts. The jumpers mostly kept their husbands warm until Vogue helped popularise them in the 1950s. 

How to wear one well

Cable-knit jumpers are practical and utilitarian, so they go best with similarly functional clothes such as indigo jeans and work boots. Because they're thicker and more casual than other jumpers, they look better over t-shirts than shirts.

Photographed above: Ralph Lauren cable-knit jumper (£115), Norse Projects navy chinos (£100), Converse white trainers (£45)