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Photographed: Officine Generale camel scarf (£229); GANT light grey beanie (£80); Sunspel dark grey beanie (£80 for similar)Derek Rose hoodie (£545); H&M Edition grey jumper (£79.99); H&M Edition orange jumper (£79.99)

In a nutshell

Cashmere is a fabric made the fur of the eponymous goat. Though similar in appearance to wool, it’s much finer, which makes it incredibly soft and insulating.

The backstory

Cashmere is expensive. And the reason it’s expensive it’s because it’s scarce. You can get around five jumpers from a sheep’s fleece, but you need at least two cashmere goats to produce the same item. Separating the warm undercoat fibres, which are mixed in with a more rugged top coat, is a laborious job that has to be done by hand. All of which adds to the cost.

But it’s worth the outlay. Because cashmere fibres are so fine, they’re amazingly soft. It’s a fabric that you – and everyone near you – will have an urge to touch. Cashmere also traps heat more effectively than almost any other fabric, which means even a lightweight jumper can feel as warm as chunky, fisherman knit. So you get something that feels luxurious and does a great job of keeping you warm.

How to wear it

Because of the price, cashmere pieces are investments. “So stick to neutral colours that will go with everything,” says Luke. “That way, you’ll get more wear out of it.” Equally, you should avoid bold patterns or anything that makes a statement. Think of it more as an anchor to build a look around.

“Because it’s so warm for its weight, it’s perfect for layering,” says Luke. It will fit under a suit or blazer without adding bulk, but you’ll be as warm as if you we wearing a jacket. “It feels great against your skin, but it is also very delicate, which means you should try to wash it as rarely as possible.” Machines will ruin it, so hand wash in cold water only when necessary. “Wear a t-shirt underneath so it’s not in direct contact with sweaty areas. Then it will last longer between washes.”

If a jumper is too expensive, try accessories. “Scarves or hats feel great and are also incredibly warm,” says Luke, “but because there’s less fabric, they don’t cost quite as much.” Again, the same rules hold true – think simple colours that will work with anything. “Then you could wear something every day, all winter and spring. It’s the best way to maximise your cost-per-wear.”