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Four ways to wear: A hoodie

Four ways to wear: A hoodie

If you think grey hoodies are just for trips to the gym, it's time to think again. There are many more ways than you'd think to wear one plain grey hoodie—on the weekends, of course, but even during the week. 

"Everyone likes wearing hoodies, for obvious reasons: they're just so easy and comfortable," says Thread's lead stylist, Kasia Katner. "But they're also more versatile than you'd think—particularly if you opt for plain grey, which goes with every other colour." 

Below, Kasia talks us through four different situations in which a grey hoodie works well—sometimes surprisingly so. 

1. When you're not quite sure if you need a jacket

Outfit: Grey hoodie, white t-shirt, navy chinos and black slip-on trainers

Why this works: "A hoodie makes a great jacket alternative, especially when the weather's just short of chilly. It's substantial but breathable, it doesn't look weird indoors as a coat would, and it's easy to chuck in your bag if you don't need it (obviously it won't crease). This wouldn't be mistaken for a post-gym outfit because everything from the slip-on trainers to the navy chinos is minimal and fits well."

Photographed: Reiss grey hoodie (£85)Research Garments white t-shirt (£15), Norse Projects navy chinos (£100)

2. When you're sick of the usual smart casual

Outfit: Grey hoodie, black overcoat, white t-shirt, indigo jeans and black leather boots

Why this works: "Overcoats can look quite smart and tailored on their own, so the hoodie adds a sporty contrast without seeming out of place. One reason the outfit works is that all the clothes are in neutral colours: black, navy, grey and white will always go together. This outfit wouldn't look as smart without the coat, so it's certainly on the casual extreme of smart casual."

Photographed: MKI black overcoat (£165), Reiss grey hoodie (£85), Research Garments white t-shirt (£15), RRL selvedge jeans (£215), Jigsaw black boots (£249)

3. When you want your leather jacket to look less intense

Outfit: Grey hoodie, black leather jacket, white t-shirt and grey jeans

Why this works: "Leather jackets make a statement, particularly biker styles like this that have quite a rocker feel to them. The hoodie helps to relax the whole thing because it's soft and laid back. A hood goes well with leather jackets' flat collars, too."

Photographed: Whistles leather jacket (£395), Reiss grey hoodie (£85), A.P.C. grey jeans (£129), Research Garments white t-shirt (£15)

4. On Saturdays

Outfit: Grey hoodie, white t-shirt, black jersey shorts and trainers

Why this works: "No one needs to be told how to wear a hoodie with shorts and a t-shirt. However, the reason this looks laid back—but not like gym garb—is that all the fabrics are cotton rather than technical materials, plus they're in simple, classic cuts. Vintage-y or minimal trainers make it clear you're not about to hit the track." 

Photographed: Reiss grey hoodie (£85), Research Garments white t-shirt (£15), Aquascutum sweat shorts (£45) 

Plus: What to look for in a great hoodie

  1. Simplicity. "What you lose in logos and prints, you'll gain in versatility."
  2. Neat fit. "You want a hoodie to fit the way your favourite comfortable jumper does: relaxed, but not baggy."
  3. Classic cotton fabric. "Cotton gives it a matte finish that will mix well with things like denim."