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Jeans and trousers

One small change: Go from blue to grey jeans

One small change: Go from blue to grey jeans

Why make the change?

"I like light-blue jeans, but not with a blazer. They're great for the weekend or a relaxed dinner out, but they can't really go smart-casual the way indigo jeans can. But I can also see how you'd get sick of too much dark blue in your closet ... hence the appeal of grey. You can dress grey jeans up or down, and they’re a nice change from your usual blue."

Thread stylist Freddie Kemp

Why this works

  1. These grey jeans don't have a "wash." "Light-blue jeans always have a wash, a fading that comes from prewashing them with something textured, usually stones (hence the term 'stonewashed'). If you see this kind of fading on jeans, they're casual; the grey jeans don't have a wash, so they can go smarter."
  2. The jeans keep this outfit from being too blue. "A navy blazer with navy jeans is a totally acceptable outfit, but some guys feel weird about it. Grey jeans save you the angst."