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Jeans and trousers

One small change: Go from bootcut to slim jeans

One small change: Go from bootcut to slim jeans

Why make the change?

"The main reason: to look taller and leaner. Bootcut jeans can be unflattering because the wide bottom of the trousers can throw off proportions. Also, because bootcut jeans had their heyday in the '90s, they can look a bit dated … and whereas they only go with very casual clothes, slim jeans are versatile enough to work with anything from t-shirts to blazers and brogues."

Thread stylist Millie Rich

Why this works

  1. The jeans are neutral and versatile, so you can wear them five times more. "Because slim jeans go with about ten times more clothes than bootcut jeans do, you can wear them a few times a week to all manner of occasions."
  2. Legs look longer and slimmer. "Think of a rectangle and a triangle. Even if they’re the same height and width, the rectangle will look taller and thinner than the triangle. Same goes for slim versus bootcut jeans: bootcut jeans' bell-like shape shortens legs."
  3. You can see the shoes. "The shoes at the left are desert boots that usually look great, but you can't tell when they're half-covered. Shoes are meant to be seen, not covered by trousers."