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Jeans and trousers

Can I pull off: Red trousers?

Can I pull off: Red trousers?

"The short answer is yes," says Thread stylist Freddie Kemp (with thanks, by the way, to Thread user Matthew for this question!), "but with two caveats: 1. Your red trousers should be the one non-neutral item in your outfit, and 2. You should avoid wearing them with anything vaguely reminiscent of a rugby or golf club."

Coloured trousers, he explains, aren't exactly the easiest thing to wear well: "A lot of guys would find simple white trainers way too daring, but they'd throw on mustard trousers without giving them much thought. In actuality, coloured trousers require some planning and forethought to pull off properly."

Below, Freddie's four-step plan to wearing red trousers without looking over the top. 

Step 1. Make the trousers the only non-neutral thing you wear. "Nothing else needs to make a statement. Go for white, tan, beige or brown clothes, which look great with burgundy or dark red trousers; black jumpers and shoes can be a bit jarring against the red."

Step 2. Keep it casual. "The last thing you want to do is wear red trousers with a shirt and tie. The trousers' colour makes them casual, so they go best with equally relaxed clothes."

Step 3. Pair them with non-preppy clothes. "You don't want to look like you're bound for the golf course, so steer clear of clubby staples like blue blazers and polo shirts. A t-shirt and work jacket will make the trousers seem more masculine and modern."

Step 4. Go for brown or white shoes. "Light suede desert shoes work well, as do chestnut-brown lace-ups. White minimal trainers would also look good."