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Jeans and trousers

Five ways to wear: Stone chinos

Five ways to wear: Stone chinos

If you’re ever unsure what to pull in the morning, reach for stone chinos. They're a menswear superhero, since they work equally as well on casual Friday, Saturday date night and a lazy Sunday.

Their versatility comes through the marriage of fabric and shade. Where denim veers casual, and wool smart, chinos can appear either relaxed or dressy depending on what they’re paired with. And because stone works with everything, the options there are almost endless.

“Because it’s lighter, it’s more versatile and less preppy,” says Thread stylist Freddie Kemp. “It’s a great base to build in more stand-out colours, because stone acts as a kind of neutraliser: it tones down looks that might otherwise be too bold.”

Below, Freddie shows us five ways to get the most out of stone chinos.

1. For a day out with the family

Outfit: Stone chinos, blue utility jacket, blue scarf

Why it works: When you’re going to be moving around, look for chinos with a room in the thigh, or even some stretch in the fabric, to ensure you stay comfortable. “The blue of the jacket works really well with the stone, and both shades are great in natural light,” says Freddie. “You’re also covered in case of unpredictable weather."

Stone chinos with a blue utility jacket

Photographed: Oliver Sweeney blue linen jacket (£299) Oliver Spencer sky blue scarf (£65)  Norse Projects indigo chambray shirt (£100) Peter Werth sand cotton trousers (£69)

2. For coffee with friends (that might become drinks)

Outfit: Stone chinos, bomber jacket, bright polo shirt, desert boots

Why it works: “This look is built around menswear staples, so it’s easy to wear and isn’t going to draw unwanted attention,” says Freddie. “But that little bit of colour in the polo puts your look one step ahead of your friends.” So you'll get the right kind of second glances.

Stone chinos with red polo shirt

Photographed: Private White V.C. bomber jacket (£595) Lacoste bordeaux polo (£75) Peter Werth sand cotton trousers (£69) Base London tan suede boot (£69.99)

3. For lunch with the in-laws

Outfit: Stone chinos, navy blazer, striped t-shirt

Why it works: In a tailored fit, stone chinos are dressy enough to show you’ve made an effort, without looking like you’re overthinking it. “With the blazer, it’s smart and respectful, but the patterned tee adds a bit of character,” says Freddie. “You’ll be memorable, but not the centre of attention."

Stone chinos with blazer and breton shirt

Photographed: Oliver Sweeney indigo linen blazer (£349) Armor-Lux navy/cream long sleeve tee (£49) Peter Werth sand cotton trousers (£69)

4. For a Sunday to yourself

Outfit: Stone chinos, relaxed cardigan, white t-shirt, desert boots

Why it works: One of the problems with having no plans is how quickly they turn into unexpected plans. “Stone chinos are ideal when you’re unsure where the day will go,” says Freddie. “They’re comfortable enough to lounge in but you’re also prepared to hit the shops, or drive the kids about.”

Stone chinos with white tee and cardigan

Photographed: Reiss shawl collar cardigan (£120) MVP crew neck T-shirt (£12) Peter Werth sand chinos (£69) Base desert boots (£69.99)

5. For a relaxed date night

Outfit: Stone chinos, navy  blazer, pink shirt

Why it works: If a suit feels overkill, reach for stone chinos instead. They still work with a jacket, but make the whole look 20% more relaxed. “With classic pieces, you still look dapper,” says Freddie. “But an unstructured jacket – that’s one without lots of padding – compliments your shape without making you look stiff or uncomfortable.”

Stone chinos with blazer and pink shirt

Photographed: Private White V.C. navy blazer (£450) Gant pink shirt (£80) Peter Werth sand cotton trousers (£69) Reiss pleated brown suede belt (£50)