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Three ways to push the boat out

Three ways to push the boat out

There’s something about sunshine that makes even the most conservative dresser feel a little braver. Maybe it’s the long, bright days, or the knowledge that the season is fleeting, so your style moves don’t have to last forever. Whatever it is, we’re in favour – push the boat out, be daring, and try something new. But that doesn’t mean a makeover. “I’m a fan of subtle details,” say Thread stylist Millie Rich, “or small swaps like changing a neutral colour for something bright. Little things that have an impact.”

Pay attention to details

Photographed: Suit Simon jacket (£79.95)Whistles baseball cap (£35)Beams Plus navy slim ripstop gym pant (£135)Grenson suede running trainers (coming soon); Oliver Spencer stripe t-shirt (£69 for similar)Comme des Garçons Play little red heart long sleeve stripe tee (£90); Timothy Everest gingham chino shorts (£129)Marks and Spencer striped shirt (£35); Fjallraven Kanken yellow backpack (£79)


Why it works: “Design details for me are the secret things that others might not see,” says Millie, “but that makes them stand out to you – they’re what makes clothing feel more luxurious and personal. If you want the details to be more obvious, update your wardrobe from the outside in; swapping to a grandad collar on a shirt is a simple change that will make your outfit look more interesting.”

How to wear it: “If you’re going for subtler hidden details, push the boat out and go for as many as you like. For those that normally opt for a plain t-shirt, try opting for a pattern or even a bright pocket detail or logo instead. This adds personality and flair to a look without completely changing your style. But, as with any update don’t wear everything at once. You want to ensure you have balance with your look.”

Boost your colour

Photographed: Porter Yoshida and Co tote bag (£129)Whistles baseball cap (£35)MVP Lukin chino shorts (£24)MVP pink Ashfield t-shirt (£14)MVP yellow Ashfield t-shirt (£14)SeaVees Monterey sneakers (£55)MVP navy and red Amhurst t-shirt (£20)Aime Leon Dore royal blue pocket tee (£65)Folk burnt orange sweat short (£75)Wax London burnt orange Reid t-shirt (£30)Norse Projects James cotton-linen tee (£55)


Why it works: “Bolder colours look great in the sunshine and even something as simple as swapping a plain t-shirt or jumper for one that complements your skin tone can elevate a look and breath new life into an outfit you love. Just avoid looking like a rainbow and pick one statement colour. Then stick to neutrals like whites, greys and navys to balance it.”

How to wear it: “If you like to stick to a more minimal palette when it comes to clothing, then accessories and footwear are a great way to add colour into a look. They’re the thing most people notice about an outfit first so are a quick way to make an impression.”

Make a statement

Photographed: MVP pink Ashfield t-shirt (£14)Wax London Fazely short-sleeve shirt (£60)AllSaints Helix hawaiian shirt (£85); Oliver Spencer Bermondsey bomber jacket (£339 for similar)Wax London Witham coach jacket (£135)SeaVees camo Legend sneakers (£60)Andersons multicoloured woven textile belt (£69)River Island bucket hat (£10)Dick Moby yellow LAX sunglasses (£145); Oliver Spencer striped shorts (£110 for similar); Grenson suede Sneaker 1 (£180 for similar)


Why it works: “A statement doesn’t haven’t to be a peacocking item, that’s so bold you need sunglasses to look at it. Instead, you can make a statement with something like a pattern or a interesting colour, or by combining colours and patterns together.”

How to wear it: “A printed shirt makes a statement all day and is a great go-to. Just take not to make too many statements at once – if the shirt’s loud, then everything else you wear should be nice and quiet.”


Words: Nadia Balame-Price