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Q&A: What shoes should I wear with black jeans?

Q&A: What shoes should I wear with black jeans?

You can get away with wearing black jeans with a real range of outfits, from a t-shirt and jacket to a shirt and blazer. And Thread's stylists like them because they look a bit smarter, and even more expensive, than your usual blue. But this flexibility (along with dated colour-matching rules) raises a question of its own: What types of shoes should you wear with your dark jeans? 

The safest route is a pair of black minimal trainers or boots, which will always go. But even with black shoes you’ve got to pick the right pair. “Polished leather shoes are usually hard to pull off with any sort of denim—they're just too smart,” says Kasia. Canvas and suede, however, are a great match. 

Photographed: Whistles tipped melange sweater (£115), A.P.C black standard stretch jean (£135); Jigsaw whole cut Derby trainers (£98) 

If black strikes you as too matchy-matchy, you've still got lots of options. "Minimal white trainers look great with black jeans, but otherwise you're best off sticking to darker shades that don't jar too much with the subtlety of the trousers," says Thread's lead stylist, Kasia Katner. Burgundy, navy and dark green can all do the job. Contrary to popular opinion, brown also works if you pick a dark shade. Dark desert boots, for example, will always go with black jeans.